Haya | Single 6374 190kv | 10s4p | Torqueboards | Focbox Unity |

Hello, my name is Oscar and I am 12 years old and a new builder to this forum. I was going to purchase a boosted stealth but then looked into some DIY option after realising that the range wasn’t satisfactory for my needs. Firstly I was looking to do a boosted clone like the skate metric foosted board, but then decided to do something different. That’s when I met @moone. Seb has been helping me so much with my build, there are 475 messages on our private chat of me asking basic diy questions and him patiently giving me answers that have led me to nearly completing my very first electric skateboard.

Deck: Haya by @bevilacqua, sold to me by @Friskies (who has also been awesome help).

Trucks, gearing, wheels, mounts: Torqueboards Single motor mechanical kit, with upgraded 218mm trucks and 97mm wheels. image

Motor: Single 6374 190kv Torqueboards

Remote: Torqueboards Nano 2.4ghz.

The battery is going to be a 10s4p 30q made by @Marsen (who has been sorting out everything to do with the battery and has been a massive help).Charge only 20amp smart BMS. I still need to do a bit more foot massaging, car washing and gardening for the neighbours before I can get It though :joy::joy:

The ESC is probably going to be a Focbox Unity because of the ease of use, battery protection system and is compatible with dual motor upgrade. All great features for a first time builder.

image image Looks badass!!

After 6 hours spread 3 over days, I had finished the mechanical side of the build (had a few issues because of my limited knowledge of putting boards together).

image image

So far I am loving the deck, (number 19) with a perfect length and width for my height, a perfect amount of concave and looks sleek, smooth and fast, it ticks all of my boxes!

This build is names Escapii (Ee-scar-pee) for no real reason.

I am hoping to get this build finished by the middle of march, it all depends on if my Mum wants more foot massages :joy::joy::smiley:

The reason I ordered a significant amount of my build from Torqueboards is because shippings to Australia costs to much, so it would be cheaper to get most things from one brand.

Again, a huge thanks to @moone, @Marsen and @Friskies for all the help!!

From Western Australia!!


i personnly dont like the shape of the haya deck. but brother, very good looking build mate ! :slight_smile:

The built seems legit, but it needs some character…add some decor or some fancy bits


you are now on my black list :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: JK


now you started the fire brother! your added too :stuck_out_tongue: what charge port you have?? not like my amazing charge port i hope? XD

magsafe :stuck_out_tongue:

show me vids of riding man, would love to see this build rolling :slight_smile:



@lobbie looks bad ass dude. You’re going to be the coolest 12yo kid on the block. Just don’t kill yourself on that thing. :metal::metal:


Unity for one motor? :thinking:

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So he can upgrade to dual drive in the future :wink:


Yes but why not dual setup right now?

Sounds like a funding issue not a lack of desire. He’s 12.

Congratulations on the build btw


Damn. My toys sucked when I was 12…

Good looking build!

He is 12- that one big motor will be killer at his weight. And also an extra motor + mount will cost a fair bit. This build is sick!!

How the fuck (sorry I meant frick) do you have so much money at 12 lol

Actually who am I kidding I started building when I was 12, it was just a budget build


Slick build my man.

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Love seeing you take the initiative and funding/ building your own board. Don’t forget to get a helmet and some safety gear!

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Counts as double sick. The age is a bonus.

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Son that there is some nice build! Glad you went with the haya after all lol. (there was some indecision) Make sure you tighten the mount correctly though. They can be fiddly to set up. Seb knows the ways of the mounts. Good luck sunshine and keep the thread updated. Oh and yeah don’t bloody hurt yourself.


I dis LOTS and LOTS of gardening, car washing for the neighbours and foot massaging for my MUM!!!


Who did you by the deck from?

It says in the thread.