Hello, Coco. White on black witchblade GT - 12S5P 30Q 190KV FOCBOX on MBS Wheels

My customer wanted a white on black witchblade GT, and i was immediately inspired by one of my favorite designers, Coco Chanel. So we started calling the board Coco and it stuck.

It went through a couple of aesthetic changes along the way but i think the end result came out pretty smooth.

It’s not 100% completed as of this post, I still need to finish assembling it, grip it, and street test it. But it ships tomorrow and i wanted a thread about it.

I’ll be doing some white backdrop photos as well this evening once its put together before i put it on the street.



is this the one for @pixelsilva?

i don’t think he’s ordered one yet. This one is for one of my previous Evolve mod customers.

i have more pics coming as soon as they hit dropbox! I’m totally unloading the esk8 porn on you guys this morning.

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ah, it’s for victor wei isn’t it?

LOL yes, this is Victor’s board.


hehe was gonna try to convince you he was my neighbor…

ITs worth noting that none of these pics are in any sort of order.

so that i wouldn’t suspect you hacked into your mouseover functionality and saw the file name? lol


lol was hoping you wouldn’t notice what you named them

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Another supa powahful beast huh? kids! remember:

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@longhairedboy epic build! How does it ride?

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we’ll know tonight. I stil have to drop the settings onit and bolt it up and grip it. I suspect it will ride much like a Witchblade GT usually does.

Actually, with the designations we’ve been discussing…

This would be a GT/S (12S5P or bigger)


i really need to get my lathe working. This board would be even better if i could turn those wheels.

Knowing @longhairedboy I was pretty sure he was gonna do this color scheme…

For the plebs who don’t know what this is, it’s Coco from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.


Wrong Coco. LMFAO oh my god i loved that cartoon.

If only i had been born 100 years sooner… Just fabulousness.


You still got pictures of that ‘Macross board’? I call it the ‘Macross board’ because its color scheme and graphics reminds me of this…


Which one?


The top one is the second one similar to that that i did, and was inspired in the customer by the first one, which i’m pretty sure was inspired by a cartoon not unlike what you posted here. Crazy stuff.


Oh i almost forgot… there’s video of Holly cutting the chrome on Instagram. Holly is my die cutter. Her and Shirly mostly get along, but there’s an awful lot of noise when they’re in the room together. Can’t tell if they’re arguing or making fun of me.

[ https://www.instagram.com/p/BcFa6VYFVUC/?taken-by=longhairedboy ]


I thought porn was not allowed because mature content censoring, where are mods when we need them! Sick as usual.


Ahh there it is! Second one. Macross is just one of those Anime that make you say ‘wow’ whenever you watch it. It’s just such a great show. Crazy to think it came out over 60 years ago.