Helmet Suggestions for 30+ mph in So Cal

its light its durable it keeps you head from breaking some versions of it are mips certified "Put your laptop in a Tupperware casserole dish. Takes 99% of the impact off the electronics. I used one of the air foam fitting shipping things to get a glove fit inside.

@Alpacaslapper, as far as helmet recommendations, I’ve had the triple eight invader and demon podium and strongly prefer the demon podium. It’s currently high 80s to mid 90s and I’ve had no issues with it breathing well.

Plus it makes you super cute.


You have convinced me to get the tsg pass. I was thinking about getting some Kevlar jeans, but I didn’t know where to find them.

Also, how do you keep your board stable at 40? How much do you have to tighten your trucks? Is there anything else you can do? (My board will also easily hit 40)


Split angles are a godsend for rear stability. Set it up right and you won’t even notice much turning radius reduction at low speed.


weight distribution is more important than tightining and the tsg pass helmet wont protect your head in a crash as well as demon podium will

And what about this:fox racing rampage pro carbon weld

I recently got a Bell Sanction. It feels super lightweight, fits well, and basically unlimited horizontal field of view. Cheap too.


weight distribution is more important than tightining and the tsg pass helmet wont protect your head in a crash as well as demon podium will

Agreed, in general regarding weight distribution…

AS far as protection… I think that’s much harder to say. Both helmets pass the same euro safety standard, the EN 1078. The demon podium passes the CSPC standard in the US, and the TSG Pass helmet passes the ASTM 1952-10. The CSPC Is considered the slightly harder standard overall.

That said, the ASTM 1952-10 is specifically for downhill mountain biking, and thus one very important test… the anvil drop test (dropping helmet from a specific height onto a steel anvil), is conducted from a greater height than the CSPC test.

In truth, it’s probably about a wash between the two.

It’s likely that only a very few, very specific types of impacts would one have any meaningful difference in outcome and injury or prevention of injury… maybe.

Not sure how the podium stands up to multiple impacts. I know the TSG is one crash and done.

The TSG Pass WILL be better for winter riding in Southern California. A full face helmet with a snug fit visor will always shield away cold air better than a visorless helmet. It gets cold sometimes hitting 30+ on a night thats below 50 degrees… but the TSG Pass was still the most comfortable option, for keeping my Face from going completely numb after a few miles in 40ish degree temps.

Price and style are significantly different. Personally, I prefer the style of the TSG.

Let’s not forget a motorcycle helmet would probably offer the MOST safety, but due to the bulk of the helmet, it actually underperforms the TSG Pass in a real world situation when downhill skateboarding… at least that’s what I’ve heard.

I really don’t think one could go wrong with either helmet… Podium or Pass. Just a matter of budget and aesthetic/ergonomic differences.

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Great! Glad to hear it. Personally for me, the TSG Pass is the best mix of style, comfort, functionality, and protection for my riding environment and style of riding.

As for how to keep a board stable at speed… A general answer is something like:

  1. Lower center of gravity
  2. Longer and wider wheelbase
  3. Lower the front and back truck pivot angle
  4. Have a dissimilar pivot angle of front and.
    back truck (Saturn_corp mentioned… and I agree, this is one is crucial)
  5. Put more weight on front foot (probably THE single most important factor in preventing speed wobbles)…

Also, I should say I’ve gotten up to and over 40mph… topped out at 41.4mph… but I don’t ride regularly at those speeds. On any given day, I’ll hit 37. but faster than that, and it requires me to make stance and balance alterations that I wouldn’t be able to “instantly” undo should I need to make some evasive maneuver… so really I can only tell you how my setup is stable up to about 37-38mph… above that speed, it’s much more rider technique than the setup itself.

I don’t want to derail the thread, so I’ll stop here…

I’ll start a different thread, and see if I can post a few pics and/or a video to show my setup, riding at speed, etc.


Tsg pass when I need the visor and it’s not too hot. Fox pro frame when it’s too hot or night ride. I don’t use clear visor on tsg. Both are full face.

Thanks for all this info. I’m not sure what you mean by “pivot angle”, though.

I’m already riding on a 40 inch board with 218 mm trucks, so I don’t think wheelbase is in issue. I am going to stick my motors out the back, since I don’t have enough room under my board (dual 6380s) without putting spacers, which would raise my center of gravity.

But a detailed description on what the hell pivot angle is would be tremendously helpful. My goal is to feel fully stable and completely safe at 35.

P.S. I’m riding torqueboard’s Caliber II trucks

Squishy did a write up summary to rule them all, IMO, when it comes to split angle trucks. I can’t add a darn thing to that topic, other than say yes, this was a bit of a game changer for me.

Here is a link to his post:



And lastly… here’s a link to the thread I just created about my own setup… and a video of me hitting 39mph+ in downtown LA earlier tonight.

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The TSG Pass won’t protect as well as the Podium? What exactly are you basing this on? The Pass seems to be WAY more popular among the comunity. After reading this and your “not promotional” thread about the AE board I sincerely don’t know what to think…

Edit: I’m not saying the Pass is better, I’m just suprised you’re claiming the opposite with confidence.

Anyways, glad to see you’ve decided to go on a full-face OP! Remeber, faces wont grow prettier with time, so you better take care of it :stuck_out_tongue:

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They provide the same protection, same wide view, both keep the sun out of face 175 dollar price difference demon podium would be in my opinon better because it is cheaper @amanuelamanuel

If you feel it’s better because of the price, I can totally dig that. However, you said the Pass WON’T protect as well as the Podium, and now you’re saying they offer the SAME protection but prefer Podium due to price.

I don’t know if there’s some language barrier here but I feel I can’t really take your word for anything you’ve said when you’re writing conflicting statements. It makes it look like you’re a promoter or something.

Anyways, I’m sticking to my Pass.

You do what you need to man. That’s my fault from the beginning saying tsg is worse should have just said the same im honestly not a promoter never gotten a free product in my life

Cool bro, no harsh feelings!

A general guideline for split angles is that more kingpin angle gives more maneuverability and lower angle gives more stability. Really it just take some playing around to figure out what feels good.

I recommend getting an angled riser of somewhere around 5-7 degrees for the rear truck to start with. Angled risers are much cheaper than new baseplates although they add height which isn’t a problem unless you don’t want risers. You’ll also need bushings of a harder durometer in the back to account for the change in angle.

Once you give that a try you can experiment with either more or less angle and harder/different shape bushings for the truck you’re dewedging. Leave the front alone for now unless you’re unhappy with the turning radius, then you can adjust as needed.

Another option is a synthetic split. In this scenario you leave the angles alone but run different bushings in back. I’d say 1 notch harder than what’s in there now but it any not be enough to be comfortable at high speed.

if you’re really jonesing for rock solid stability, a 10 degree split works wonders. I’m running 45/35 on my speed board with a single notch harder (but bigger as well) bushing in back and it feels like nothing scary comes from the back even at 40mph. Not that I go that fast often lol. Slow speed turning suffers a bit but it’s worth it if you go fast regularly and you can overcome it with lots of lean. Just won’t b e a carving machine at running speed.

if one person learned something, I did my job well…

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yay your okay :smile:

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