Help? Can't get full power to motor

So I have all my batteries hooked up and I tested the voltage coming from my vesc and it was only 3 volts, each battery has 16.8, is this normal? I Have not been able to get full power to my motor.

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Post a photo of your setup, how you’re measuring, and what your configuration settings are in the BLDC tool. We can’t help until we have enough information.

My vesc won’t detect on bldc and there are no fault codes

it looks like you have one or more of your batteries connected backwards. Looking at the connectors, it seems like you have them going positive to positive, rather than positive to negative.

What the hell is going on here…?

You have two packs in parallel with the positive going nowhere, and another pack with the negative in parallel and positive going to antispark… You’re running like 11 volts nominal assuming each of those packs are 3s

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Yeah, his wiring is all kinds of jacked up.

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The batteries are wired In series? And the board ran before. I soldered in the on and off switch and then since then and a spark I can’t get full power out of the motor. Turns on, spins the motor, just not full power

Well if you’re running 10~ volts, you’re probably triggering the low voltage cutoff which is why it’s not spinning very much. Your battery is wired up wrong. Disconnect it and try again.

Post your schematic here if you want us to help you fix it, but it makes no sense right now. It’s surprising you haven’t blown them up yet.

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You’re basically running your board off of just one of those batteries. The other two are just sitting there not connected fully. Looc closely at the connections.

They should go Vesc negative>> antispark negative>> battery 1 negative(then comes out positive)>> battery 2 negative(then comes out positive)>> battery 3 negative(then comes out positive)>> antispark positive>> vesc positive.

Nope, still wrong. Look at the top left two batteries. Red to red. That’s not right.

All three batteries are wired in series, they are 4s. This is what I ran before and everything was fine. I soldered In the anti spark switch, and one of the batteries sparked on me, and I didn’t know if that ruined my vesc, or shorted the motor, @MysticalDork @Jinra

Look, if you don’t listen to our advice, we can’t help you. We’re telling you that the reason you’re having problems is that your batteries are wired wrong. BELIEVE US.


It’s possible you permanently damaged something on your setup due to the incorrect setup of the batteries. Listen to @MysticalDork’s reply and setup your batteries to run in a neg -> pos daisy chain fashion.

Not once did I day I didn’t believe you, I’m looking for how to fix it, but I don’t know where to begin

Wire the anti spark on plus lead

I’m working on a more complete drawing, but take a look at this in the mean time. Think about how the electricity is supposed to go. Play “What’s wrong with this picture?” wit this image and your setup.

See here, this is how your battery should be hooked up if you want it in series.

Probably a good idea to unplug all that and test voltages as well