Help diagnosing overcurrent problems on my board

Hey everyone, I’m a newbie to RC and e-skates and am having some troubles with the electronics on my Benchwheel C2. It rides great and seems to be built pretty sturdy, but I think the overcurrent protection keeps tripping and turning off the board. Every couple minutes of riding in fast mode the board will shut off with a blinking status light on the board and acceleration does not work, but braking does work.

My question is if this is the BMS tripping and turning it off, or the ESC. If it was the BMS wouldn’t that mean there would be no power at all and I wouldn’t be able to brake or have the blinking light? Would a higher rated BMS cause any problems in the setup?

The board has a 6S4P battery @ 22v. 1800w twin motors.

how much do you weigh

Woops forgot that bit of info, 175lbs (~80kg)

Check this out. Might be your weight. As good as they seem to be built… theyre still cheap Chinese boards.

Possibly changing the BMS and bypassing those electronics would fix the problem

Yea I’ve read that thread and contacted the OP, but he never found out what it was exactly either. I’m 100 pounds lighter than him so I don’t think it’s directly weight related. I’m just trying to figure out which to replace, the BMS or the ESC.

do you know how many amps the ESC is rated for? constant and peak and for long peak.

My guess is the bms tho. I would just bypass it and only use it for charging if you have the tools and know-how to make the operation lol

Unfortunately I don’t know how much is rated for and haven’t received word from the company about it yet. Your method is an option though it’s ridiculously hard to get to the electronics as the trucks have to be taken off to access the internals.

Yea i dont know how those things are put together. did it ever work fine for you?

You could just swap the electronics out for any other esc and try it and see if it works. seems like youre gonna have to do some work on it

I just recently got it 2nd hand from someone else and had the problem from the start. The previous owner said he didn’t experience any issues, but he lives in Florida and I live in San Francisco, so imagine having a bunch of hills doesn’t help the situation.

I may end up trying to solder a new BMS for the pack, any recommendations as to which?

you have a choice between 30A 45A or 60A

to be safe id go with a 60A

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Thanks a lot! Do you think 60A is a high enough limit? Or could I be hitting that as well?

I think you’ll be fine with 60a your normal operating amps shouldn’t even be 1/3 of that

Awesome, thanks a lot. I picked up the 60A BMS you recommended. Hopefully my soldering skills aren’t too crap.

Any time buddy update this thread with progress !

UPDATE: Opened up my board and a snapped capacitor fell right out. Will try re-soldering on tonight in hopes that was the problem.


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…aaand the capacitor did nothing. I soldered it back on but no change in performance. Still cuts off often with restart needed. Damn.

Hi! I actually bought the board from the benchwheel from the thread that was mentioned. I am experiencing the same issue, however it doesn’t seem to occur on flat ground for me. I also noticed that it seems to get worse as the battery is depleted. I’m also 120 lbs so weight doesn’t seem like a huge factor. Let’s look into solutions together!

Hey man, let me know if you’re able to find anything. Just FYI the official word I got from Benchwheel is that the “software needs to be updated, and battery needs to be replaced” then told me to “wait until we come to America” which is pretty unhelpful.

Yeah. I wouldn’t expect much help from these Chinese companies, especially because we bought these used. I’m thinking about dropping some cash on dual VESCs, but I want to see if your BMS solution works.