Help diagnosing overcurrent problems on my board

I actually canceled my order. Examining the circuit boards, it looks like the BMS and ESC are integrated and it wont’ be easy (if possible) to use a different BMS on this ESC. I was thinking about using dual VESCs and a BMS in there, but I’d want it to run at 37 volts which won’t be possible with the current spacing for the battery. Another option is to buy the Enertion enclosure and forgoing the aluminum enclosure that came with the benchwheel. Another potential issue is the motor not being compatible with a 37v setup.

Sounds like a pain. I got the board for 300 and I think it’s pretty good for getting around town. Maybe I can sell it and buy a better one.

I’m new to the ESkate world. Is there a specific reason you want a 37v setup? Is there something stopping me from performing these upgrades besides need a new BMS?

I like 10s (37v) for the lower current draw, meaning less heat on the cables and parts. The benchwheel BMS is integrated on the ESC so you would need to get 2 ESCS (one for each motor) and a BMS for the upgrade. If you use the current battery you can run it at 6s, though if you wanted 10s you’ll probably need to mount the battery external or get a new enclosure.

UPDATE: been playing around with it a bit more and found out that, when I unplug one of the motors, it runs fine whether on fast or slow mode! Still unsure as to what is causing the shutdown when running dual motors, but I’m still guessing it’s overcurrent from the dual 1800w motors.

That’s gotta be that both motors pull too many amps together

Spoke too soon, still cutting off. Though it took a lot longer than before to start doing it.

If anyone is still following this thread i figured out how to bypass the over current cutout. There are two small wires, black and white, that come from the battery and into the mother board. Cut the black one and no more resetting. Kind of a pain in the ass to gut the board but it’s well worth it. Have pictures of the wires if needed.

are you talking about the balance wire? There are no other wires that come from the battery other than the positive/negative and balance cables. See picture above

There should be a ribbon of orange, red, brown, black and white coming from the board the batteries are attached to. Next to those are two wires. Black and white. I assume it’s part of the feedback current limiter logic. I just detached the white one and left the black. If you don’t see those two wires I’ll send you my pics. Yours and mine might be a little different.

sounds like you’re talking about the balance wires, definitely don’t want to cut those

Very much interested in this could you send pictures? I have a malfunctioning Benchwheel as well

@rhinoinflight PIcs please, homie!!

he probably lost home and board in a mysterious battery fire :sweat_smile:

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I think your issue is your amps. It’s probably pulling 30amps max. Those boards aren’t necessarily made to go uphill especially SF hills.

I found a fix (I think)!

Apparently replacing the fuse fixed it!

my fuse is intact, so probably not the issue here

That’s unfortunate. Gonna open mine up tomorrow to see if the fuse is alright

Any luck? I’ve been following the form as I am having similar issues, any luck?

I gave up and am parting it out for a new build. The quality of the other parts is actually fairly decent. If you want to give it a go the motors are 280kv 6s 5065 motors.