Help me out build and Ideal cruiser that is 1/3 less size of a normal E-Longboard

Hi All, Im Ryan and Ive been lurking around this thread for half a week now and I’ve been casually skating/board riding for 3 years now and I love cruising and maneuvering my board all the time using kicktails, I got a small cruiserboard almost like 28" in terms of length. For the past few weeks I’ve been hyping so much or electric skateboarding and Ive been looking around on pre-built Eboards and what ive found that caught my eye was the Riptide R1 and R1 Elite, as of now it is under kickstarter inside US and I live in the UK which is quite not so Ideal for my ongoing expenses. The Boards spec ans size is so perfect that I almost bought one while not thinking right so Ive decided to log on to reddit threads and ask about any recomendations on saving less and enjoying E-boarding, to cut the story less, Someone gave me a suggestion to built one on my own and saw his cruiser build and I got sold on planning to make one now. To make this project successful and not as a cancelled plan Im trying to write this one and ask for help to build one for my self and might as well help me out on building my very own Riptide version. So, these are the check list Im trying to make:

  • Fish shape Kick tail deck 35" length
  • 8-10 Mile range
  • Dual Motor belt(open for debate to stick with one instead or go dual)
  • 18-20 MPH speed( for safety)
  • thin decent built remote with battery indicators
  • 20% incline strength
  • possible water resistance for I live in UK. damp wet roads are common with gravel that will possibly trip you with your board.
  • get an all terrain wheels such as “MBS all terrain wheel” which is 100mm

Overall fun and safety is a concern, and the compatibility of everything is a must for I don’t know much about troubleshooting any basic circuitry. Hope I can get help with suggestions, Im going to put a check list of parts or leave a link for the final ideal part for my build. -Trucks= -Motor= 6355 190KV times two -ESC= -Battery= 6s 22.v (battery but still havent found one yet) -Remote= > Torqueboards Nano remote -Pulleys,Belts -Wheels= 100 mm MBS all terrain wheels

First thing first, whats your budget? If you have the money to go dual, i will highly recommend that. But its a lot cheaper with a single setup.

Hmm. I’m trying to make the same cruiser as you. I want a small and compact board that is easy to carry between classes. I also need the kicktail for turning.

Let’s get down to the board.

28’’ deck. How wide is this deck? Because in order to put two motors WITH belt then it’s gonna be a problem unless you want a 10 in truck (axle to axle) on a 8 in deck… HUB motors hypothetically work without any problem though.

Until figure which type of motor you want, it’s gonna be useless to name all the parts needed.

Here’s a clean little cruiser build:


thanks for the sharring man :wink:

And btw :blush: for Ryan and other the build is for sale ! (just now it is without case/enclosure… I could make an other one )

600-700$ or less than 650£ for a build, Id really rather go for dual motors for more reliable and balanced brakes.

700$ may be enought for a dual 6355, but it depends on shipping and taxes

I’ve got a 32" kicktail setup right now and honestly I think a longer wheelbase is better for speed. Shit’s dicy over 20mph, it’s just too short to stay smooth. How about a short longboard deck? I’ve been eyeing the arbor zeppelin, it’s only 32" long (short enough for me to carry easily, but I’m rather tall) but the wheelbase is a lot longer than you’d get on a kicktail

what about dual 3674?? that one has more reliable break and torque according to some reviews vs to 6355.

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Yeah, Im really open for a debate about changing my deck from 27.5" to a 32" deck. technically a 32" almost as the same size as my regular skateboard that I always use when skating which I find a perfect fit on my board riding. 32" is something I could just have if I want to keep my regular old cruiser. For me I am not much of a speed devil for my self, I might end up running at 18 mph or less anyway :grin:

Hey, if you’re comfortable on a smaller deck and not looking for higher speeds, then the shorter kicktail is fine.

With that said, if you’re looking for a sub-20mph build and on a budget, there’s definitely no need for two motors. A single 6355 will get you to 20mph easily. I’d get one of the cheep meepo 10s2p batteries + enclosure and a single esc + enclosure from diyeboards, some caliber clone trucks with 97mm wheels (you can get the 97mm wheels with a drive wheel already attached if you hunt for em), and a motor and motor mount from hobbyking. Might as well go for 6374, working under your motor’s limits will keep it alive longer and give you better braking.

I’d rather have two motor instead, its because I live on a place where roads are mostly uphill and downhill, what I think that two motors can help me out in terms of better traction and breaks.

I don’t believe you can build a dual 6374 for 700$… But seriously man, have you seen the power of 2 6355`s ? They will get you over 30mph easily with a lot of torque. Dual 6374 will also in most cases use more power versus dual 6355.

well, I think I could actually go up to 800$ Id rather have safety though, 20mph or less is decent for me( at the mean time)

Take in consideration that you should be able to stand on the board.:slight_smile: The power of 2 6374 is huge. More than enough to send your ass to the ground:laughing:

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You won’t be able to go dual 6374 unless you get extended calibers which will look stupid on a tiny deck. One motor is enough but if you have to have two get 6355. What sort of hill grade are we talking about where you live?

I live in UK at Cornwall place are mostly 25% or less incline mostly. after a bit of reading I might just go for 6355.

Yeah I think that should do you fine. Get a low kV though around 170-190 so you have plenty of torque. What voltage are you going to use?

yeah I see your point, those motors would probably make a really strong kick from zero to 20 or what so ever, but what if I can sort out the acceleration speed instead?

I am not 100% sure what you are asking about here. You can make the gearing so you get a top speed of 20 mph even uphill. Is this what you are asking for?