Help me with motor mounts

I bought motors to big for my trucks…I have 15mm for a motor mount and sprocket set…should I use a 0.25in steel plate with countersink screws and #25 chain or a motor clamp and a 12mm belt?

  • Steel and chain
  • Clamp and belt

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This style of clamp but metalimage

Jet get a belt setup, belt slippage should be “none” if setup correctly, and if your extra scared of slippage use idlers…

Whats the best belt I can fit in a 15mm gap…12mm belt and a u-clamp for the motor?


Why not to mount one motor front facing, one back facing? Or diagonal drive?


There are some mounts out there with fat clamps (you want lots of clamping area for rigidity) and thin sections where the motor mounts.

9mm belts are an option as well. It’s not recommended for single drive, but with dual drive neither belt is as stressed as a single.

I theory I can but the distance from the motor can to the ground is only 3/4 in…is that safe?

Idk if it’s safe. Depends how much clearance you need…how much clearance have direct drives :thinking: If you worry than go diagonal. Front truck, back truck.

I didn’t get around to adding them but it is a dual drive, although its geared for torque, do you think they will hold up to really aggressive acceleration?

Using a 1/4 in plate for the motor mount I only have 8.5mm from plate to wheel so I need a c-clamp mount to get even a 9mm belt, have you seen that type of mount before?

Oof…but the aesthetics

Fuck aesthetic…you wanna ride :relieved::point_up::joy:

No really was just an idea. If you don’t like how it looks you need to find other ways to mount them. Or just sell your motors and get smaller ones :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I need the POWER!!!

I’d absolutely hate to sell because they are the MayTechs that were on sale for 60% off and they’re so nice

TBH I’m just confused and upset because I have no idea what I’m doing anymore…the numbers added up before but now they don’t

Let me please know, which battery you have and which esc you use.

MayTech Dual 50A/240A ESC MayTech 6355 170kv ha-c Samsung 12s4p 18650 30Q BesTech D140 discharge only

Only bought the MayTech stuff so far

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An option I considered at one point was to stagger the motors - Have one in front of the truck, and one hanging out the back.

It’s like a dual diagonal, but on one truck. The maytech motors make it a tighter than other 6355s, because they’ve got that nub sticking out the back.

The nub is what got me…lost 14mm out of the blue

Ah ok you already have 6355 motors. Thought it’s 6374 size. Just if you calculate your battery max output it’s like 12s x 4.2v x 80a = 4032 Watt So with two motors rated to 2200watt you would have the same power than with two motors rated for 3400watt

I already suggested this first but he said it’s not enough clearance for him.

I’m planning on going up to 6p on day but its to expensive rn and they’re sealed so I thought they should be overspec to not get to hot

Unfortunately I think you’ve kind of backed yourself into a corner. If you can’t go staggered or diagonal, you either need wider trucks or shorter motors. There’s just not room for mounts and pulleys in there.

@AlanZhou has some used tb 218 trucks i believe . That would solve your problem. @Bobby might as well

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