Help Modifying a 3d File

Hey can anybody help modify this file for me, I do not need any holes in it for screws and the other things and don’t need the letters on it. if any body can help me out by editing them by smoothing it out it would be great just do not have the skills to do it nicely. The STL file is in the links bellow

Its kind of hard to remodel something from a STL-file. It would be much easier If you had access to a .step file or something similar

working on it…

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wow thank you very much so quick, I will post when the print is finished

How do you edit a stl file?


Let me reach into my bag of tricks… :wink:

don’t forget to follow the “creative commons right attributes” … give credit where credit is due.

also it doesn’t always work and will take much longer to produce/render and image

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Maya also allows you to import STL files and manipulate them.

  1. Blender
  2. OpenSCAD

also tinkercad

Would any of you mind to modify the cable risers for 4mm bullets? I tried but didn’t work in Meshmixer. I asked the creator but he seems to have gone away from the forum.

You would just have to shrink the holes, nothing else


Which one of the files would you like? There are 10 files in that folder

if anyone could help me with my new request that would be awesome

On fusion 360, when I need to edit .STL files I do this:

1: create base feature 2: select model 3: mesh to brep 4: finish base feature

Now you have a polygonal step thing that you can edit like normal in fusion.

I am unable 3d design programs currently. That is why am asking for help.

This is what I need modified.

Can anyone remix the final to fit 90mm Popocoas , please

if you use inventor there is a nice plugin called mesh-enabler, it converts stl files into 3d objects. should also exist for fusion i assume since it’s AD to.

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“Openscad” (a free program) allows you to import as well with this line… import(“your stl”);

Keep a copy of the stl file in same folder