Help! my board randomly stops working

hello everyone, i haven’t posted on here in a while. i started making my board 2 years ago and it ended up turning out just how i wanted. i had some problems at first but that is to be expected with a beginner like me. after working all the kinks out it finally ran perfectly. i rode it for about a year with zero problems. however just recently it started acting weird. randomly when i turn it on it wont work. the vesc light turns on the the remote light turns solid to where it says its connected but when i pull the the throttle nothing happens. i will turn it off and on multiple times, check that all the connections are good and still nothing happens. ive found if i turn it off and let it sit for a day itll work. i have no idea why and i was hoping somebody could help me figure out what is going on. also something else has been happening, i dont know if its related but sometimes when im riding the board will start to throttle itslef and brake itself. sometimes its so sudden and powerful it throws you off the board. this only happens 1/10 times when i ride. could these problems be originating from a bug in the vesc software? please help!!!

What remote are you using? And post some pics of Vesc settings. Also type faults into the Vesc tool to see if there are any errors

im using the TORQUEBOARDS 2.4GHZ MINI REMOTE CONTROLLER from and sorry i havent used the BLDC program in forever ill have to check it.

sorry i dont think i replied directly to this post

No worries, when you get a chance check bldc tool that will help a lot

working on it right now, will i have to update my bldc tool? i havent used it in 2 years??

sorry i did it again hahaha

how do i test using the bldc tool i cant figure it out and i dont remember. i dont wanna mess my vesc up.

If you built your board 2 years ago then you also need to make sure you don’t have the ramp step bug in your firmware

how do i check that. im on 2.18 firmware

You have to connect to the bldc tool and read your configuration and then check the Max Current Ramp Step(at 1khz) It should be 0.0400

If you have the bug, it will multiply the setting every time you write configuration. If the setting gets too high it will cook your Vesc. This is an old problem that was corrected with a firmware update about a year or more ago

mine is set at 50?? why havent i had a problem until now??

I would say you are very lucky that you haven’t toasted your vesc yet

holy crap… ive literally been daily riding it for a year and a half now at school going up steep hills and topping out at 30 mph

do i change it to .004

You need to update firmware

my bldc tool says it only supports 2.17 and 2.18, do i need to update it as well?

The bug was in an early version of 2.18 A fixed version of 2.18 came out after the problem was discovered

okay do i download the version somewhere online?

You have a couple options here, give me a second while I check on something