Help! programming new turnigy motors

i have replaced my scramboards motors with turnigy 6374 149kv motors. i am first time vesc program user. i used the wizard…seems to have worked but i am not sure the motors are not responding consistantly…can someone walk me through simply…i am great with computers but new to programming motors…i think somethings off sometimes one motor spins up and the other wont…then they both work …then not…i am sure i have missed something please help…need to ride been off the trails for 2 weeks now…

The very first thing when you type ‘vesc’ in search

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thats for an older program and is on an apple computer. i have the newer program version which is not the same.

point is, use the freaking search function, two weeks off the road. didint even spend 2 seconds searching…

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of course i did a search and you werent replying to what the question actually was…did all the necessary work first, the issue is after the programming has been done i still seem to have an issue. but thanks

why respond if you dont give a**** just ignore it and troll on…

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If one motor will spin and the other won’t, unselect “traction control “

Then see if they spin the same way. If not change so they do.

thats not checked i looked…its not constant like it kinda wants to spin then does…then wont…the physical connections are all good. i got some gut feeling its some setting though thanks for the suggestion

any more suggestions are welcome thanks

are they sk8s? have you set up hall sensors correctly? is it on bldc? hybrid bldc? foc? has the remote been properly configured?

Ok the remote is set up correctly and working the motors are aerodrive 6374 149kv …sensorless.

And set up via the wizard tool. So I feel there’s other settings not set correctly…I’m just trying to figure out if the wizard will do just the bare minimum and there are more things I need to apply

Can you send a video of the setting so and what the motors are doing

I am going to set that up and try to record and post it …good idea. Maybe it’s been seen before…will do that asap

Here is a video of what’s happening.

It’s 1 minute long but the issue happens about 4 or 5 times…

Did you set them up in FOC or bldc?

Also, did you try to redo the motor detection on the motor which sometimes not running?

I used the wizard. It’s setup in foc I didn’t think there was an option either way in the wizard. So wizards ran and we’re all finished and green lit. I did this more than once to be sure it was all done and saved.

When it does the detection it seems to only use one motor for detection then after that both spin up …is that right or should it spin one up…then the other…seems to dial one in then send info to can bus and then both work??

There should be one motor detection run for each motor. If you made that only for the master, than we found your issue. Is the faulty motor controller by the master or the slave vesc?