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I am totally new to the diy side of this. I had planned on just purchasing a board but decided I would like to give building one a go instead.

My goal if possible is to build a single motor board that has a top speed of 22-25mph, and has a range of at least 10 miles. I have been doing some research on components but I would greatly appreciate suggestions on what batteries, motor, and esc.

I already have a set of 90mm wheels so I am going with that, mounted to a pair of caliber trucks. I also intend on ordering the single motor mount kit from Enertion.

Thanks in advance.

What wheels are they?

Do you have hills where you will ride? If so you may need 8-12s but you can use this on flat aswell and you will get more torque. If you don’t need torque then 6s should be fine for Flats only. You should wire 2 packs in series to make the total S rating. If you have 10S get 2 5S packs and wire in series. If you get 6S wire 2 3S batteries in series.

I would get some help from others for the mah as I don’t have much experience there…

ESC: Torque Boards ESC or VESC from enertion. VESC is the best IMO but it requires a bit more configuration to suit your motor. If VESC get the october batch from Enertion.

Motor: TorqueBoards Motor or R-SPEC from enertion. Both come with keyways so you don’t have to dremel a flat spot for the set screw to sit flat.

If you have anymore questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Flywheels. They are generics I believe, but I have a nice set of bearings in them.

I will typically be riding on flats. My original plan was to go with a 6s set-up, but I would rather over build it. Why 2 batteries in series, instead of one? Also any thoughts on the monster mamba 2 esc?

I think it puts less stress on the motor/s… Double check with others…

The Mamba Monster can only support up to 6S so if you want to over do it this esc won’t work. The ESC’s I suggested are made for eboards especially VESC from Enertion so you will get a better result.

Can you provide a link to the wheels you have so I can have a look?

the only reason to wire 2 packs in series over just one pack is because of the lower profile on the board. chemically and electrically they are the same.


Thanks lowGuido! I forgot about that.

They are just like these. Got them off ebay, and picked up the bearings from Zumiez in the mall when I build my son a board for the park.

They should work. I think @torqueboards uses blank pro’s. He may give you some advice on mounting them.

they should be compatible with the 36T wheel pulley we supply in our kits.

Probably just need to drill it out a little with a 6mm drill bit. nothing major.

Will the r-spec motor fit my criteria for this build? Also can anyone help me with how many mahogany I need in a battery setup?

Id start with a minimum of 5000 mahogany :stuck_out_tongue:

(LOL I think you mean mAh mili Amp hours)

read this: What is Battery "C" Rating & Is it important for Electric Skateboards?

it has a lot of info about batteries, not much about wood though :smile:

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Haha, that’s a good auto correct.

I have a 5,000mah 6s 25c battery, and I usually get 8 miles off my single 50mm motor. I’d recommend you put two 5000mah in parallel to give you some extra range. The good thing about this is that you can always buy one 5,000mah 6s at first, and if you aren’t satisfied with the range it’s easy to add a second.

For the speeds you want though, you may want to go up in voltage (6s -> 8s, 10s, or 12s) to be able to get the speed you want without loosing a ton of torque. Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly doable with a simple 6s setup, but if you can afford higher voltages they are always worth it. Both of my first two builds were 6s, so don’t feel pressured into thinking you need all that power- especially with flats. It’s just there if you want to go that route.

An enertion kit + 245kv turnigy sk3 63mm motor and 6s should yield around the speeds you are looking for. I have a 245kv setup right now geared 13/36, and I hit 20-22mph (I believe the stock enertion gearing is 14/36 or 15/36 which will be slightly faster, giving you your desired speeds)

For a higher voltage setup (if this is something you’d want, again, it’s all personal preference/budget)
I’d get an Enertion 190kv 63mm motor (best motor out there) + 10s (two 5s in series, or an Enertion SPACE cell battery: I have the space cell, and it’s pretty legit) + either a VESC esc (it is a little more complex than plug and play, but nothing unreasonable. anyone could figure it out by reading a thread or watching a setup video) or a Torqueboard’s 145amp esc.

Again, the higher voltage means higher cost, but it’s also higher performance. If that’s not what you want to get into (I totally understand) than 6s is still pretty freakin sweet.

Good luck!

Cost isn’t a huge issue, of course I would like to keep it as low as possible but I always want ro be more than just content with my build. Like I said I was going to shell out 1,300-1,500 for a name brand board before I decided to go this route.

Where can I find a Torqueboards esc?