Hglrc-FLPSKY Smart Anti Spark Switch


I’ve been searching the internet and this forum for anyone experienced with this smart anti-spark switch from Aliexpress but I haven’t found anyone. Description says: “Smart: skate your board to power on , Stay still for 3 minutes automatically power off”.

Link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hglrc-FLPSKY-Anti-Spark-Switch-Smart-280A-13s-Wide-Application-for-Electric-Skateboard-Scooter-Robots-Accessories/32960917242.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.29994c4dg8NPja

Is there anyone out there that have tried this unit? Is there any cheaper options(with the “skate your board to power on” function)?

Regards, Viktor

Please don’t but flipsky anti-sparks, they burn out and could burn your board. Almost all anti spark switches will burn eventually but @b264 can explain better. Best option is xt90s


I would recommend a Loop Key because not only are they very, very cheap but they are very good.

At this moment, I don’t know of a better option. I suspect that will change this year, though.

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This is my favourite solution. Car audio breaker. It’s a fuse,on/off and breaker at the same time. No solder required and 8awg friendly. I prefer this BY FAR to any loop key or antispark. It’s as cheap as a loop key but way more reliable. The only downside is aesthetics. Obviously one of those led buttons is more pleasant.


I need banana for scale




I used them a lot myself, the problem is that they burn up internally. I wonder if an xt90s in front of the breaker would solve that problem.



I never ruined one of those and i used them for years on ebikes and esk8. What volt/amp were you using?

10s and 12s, I typically get 3 to 5 months the have to replace. I haven’t used them in awhile because loop keys have lasted a lot longer, for me.

IMG_20190217_154541 This is how i wire them. None failed so far. IMG_20190217_154704 This is the one i use on my bike. 22s


Holy crap, 22s and no issues? Have you got a link to the specific breaker you are using? I’m wondering if there’s something different from what I’ve used.



I think it was that one.

this is the battery. Ridiculous power. 22s6p konions vtc6 0.1 copper sheet


Cool, I’ll give it a shot. That battery, I need a minute :grinning:.


You managed to startle @mmaner Bearded Angel Well done


I’ve always liked the idea of breakers, they were just always on the edge of reliable though, at least for me. I’m sure u can model a housing for the round breaker and make it look professional while exposing the switch for easy access.

If it’s reliable that answers the AS question for me. I’m gonna order a couple and see what I can come up with. I’ll call it the ‘rojitor router’ :grin:.


So @rojitor… you are using a 100A on your skateboard?

  • I have my VESC set to max: 40A (commuting, I don’t need the speed). Guessing 100A would be good… maybe too much?
  • so you would use the “lever” as your on/off (button as off)?

I reckon I could make this look pretty sweet in my 3D printed enclosure. Wondering how dust/splash resistant it would be.

… nuts. Forgot you’d still need an anti-spark in the mix. :slight_smile:

Also: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/cheap-anti-spark-kill-switch-idea-will-it-work/23939/26

What electrodes do you use to spot welder copper?

Didn’t you say that the “pre charge” module on the fat boy antispark solves the problem of antispark switches?

Or at least prolong its life

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