Hobbyking Turnigy Vesc

After the Hobbyking Vesc got taken offline a while ago, it seems to be back but rebranded as an ESC (apart from the url lol).

Has anyone had a chance to try one of these yet, would be good to see a review. They claim - Bootloader and Firmware Loaded. With Motor Detection & FOC Tested.

What do people think, possible?

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nah with no direct fet, think it’s ganna be a good cooker. why do they hook it up with 125kv motor otherwise. obviously it lacks motor amp in foc. probably better than Maycrappy vesc tho

Hope it’s possible. Definitely bringing down the cost of one of the most valuable components. On one hand that’s great, on the other, what corners did they cut?

Compared to the average 100a RC car ESC going for $40. The extra $30 for regen brakes, custom throttle curves, higher than 4s batteries. If it works, it should be a very popular product for DIY builders. I’d order one now if I wasn’t broke from my other hobbies.

As for the suggested combined motor, I doubt much thought was put into that, hope no one accidentally buys one.

focbox 4 ex factory price is around $50 plus from china. obviously they need make margin so that’s probably 100 percent margin when everything considered. (Austin dollar is cheeper) given that this would factory cost about under 30. Just speculation but shouldn’t expect too much from

They have also uploaded a ‘manual’. Does this give anyone any insight on the quality of them? I there any way of telling if these are missing or have low quality components?

Also does anyone have any expirence with Hobbykings return policy, they state they run FOC so if and when they blow could we just return them under there 1 year warranty?


Received one yesterday, here are 6 images in case they are any good to anyone. I expect it to fail like so many do due to the VESCs poor design. When it does ill try the warranty, then just use a regular ESC.


Have you tested it at all yet?

For smaller setups it should work without blowing up right?

Will be a week or two unfortunately, the parts are nearly hear, but ive a broken foot lol.

Ill be running 12s2p 5000mah 30c, 6374 192KV, 6:1, 200mm wheels, im 65KG.

Ill limit to 60,000 erpm Wont use foc mode Upgrade filter caps to 100v low esr Small wire as possible from battery to ESC ( 3 inch) Cable tie the leads together Active cooling with a fan, maybe heatsinks, however i dont think its very effective on the wrong sides of the mosfets.

If it still fails, there is no hope for thr turnigy vesc lol. Ill update the post asap.

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Hi There Guys,

Just thought I would pop in and say hello. Any issues or suggestions I’d be happy to hear them so feel free to PM me



Same, was planning a 12s1p (budget restrictions) build.

How does disabling FOC help the ESC last longer? (I get how erpm would help though) And any cooling is better than no cooling, must help somehow.

Just from research. Ive read so many post of the drv8302 burning up when users tested foc mode, apparently if you upgrade the c26(I think) capacitor it lessens the probability of damaging the drv8302 in foc mode. Im just staying away from it to be safe. Im too poor to keep replacing Vescs lol

Here an interesting post http://vedder.se/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=145&start=30

Hi @hobbyking_ian welcome dude… :grin:

you might get more than you bargained for here though :joy: GL :wink:

are you fielding general questions about any HK products?


I am in the market for a vesc but too poor to spend $150 to $200 for a vesc. I would like to see how this esc perform.

“Hardware version 4.10” That’s even older than maytech

Yep i can confirm its 4.10.

4.11 just added a thicker trace. 4.12 added an extra capacitor c18, this was again for resolve another foc issue. you could modify this yourself.

Hey Cobber,

I’ll try and answer questions however my key responsibilities are Trains, ESC, Motors, Planes,


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between motors and speed controllers I’m sure there will be plenty of people interested in what you have to say :slight_smile: won’t be long before people will be dropping your name in posts… shame you don’t do batteries as well :wink:

I have a question: Why are your VESCs really old hardware? You’re not supporting FOC?


I used to look after the battery category so I can talk to that as well.

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I inherited this project but I can build anything you like. I’m here to learn a bit more about what the community is after and how we can facilitate. Have you got a link to the project you referenced?