Hobbyking wheel pulley retainer UK

Has anyone got a spare retainer + bolts for the Hobbyking wheel pulley? I bought the pulley set not realising there was no retainer included and the retainer rings are out of stock :frowning:

You could supplement the ring with a large washer and drill the holes out and just get away with is and buy when they are in stock. I was running my first month or two like this because of similar issue.

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Thanks for the tip, I’ll try it when I get back to my tools. Cable ties are holding it for now :slight_smile:


Did you ever get some or find a replacement? Just realised this after iv ordered 2 sets! Still on backorder for the retainer rings!

Mine is still held on with cable ties! I haven’t ridden it much though, maybe 20km, my X car beast had purple light of death and haven’t got around to buying anything new

There is a 3d print file on thingiverse that fits. If you can’t find them or print them I can help you out. Those wheel pulleys are something like 25mm wide.

Hi Ben,

I said I’ll print them :slight_smile:

We have found a file thingiverse but it sounds like you have already printed a retainer before. Which one did you use?

Cheers for the offer Ben like @moon said he’s kindly offered to print me some…this is the file I found

and iv ordered some 2" hardware,bolts that @squishy654 said fit so should be all good,been a while since iv been out on my board,drv error that I’m having fixed on my focbox by @Martinsp…looking foward getting back carvin this summer!!

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No, that’s not the one. It needs 4 bolts. I’ll dig it out.

Yeah if you could link the one you found we’ll have a look.

Nice one,was just gonna use 4 holes and leave the other 2 but if you have the exact one needed even Better!

I have the file but don’t seem to be able to find it on thingiverse.

Something like this.

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Actually yeah think that looks the closest ben,this is the part were trying to replicate.

It would be much easier to go to your hardware store and buy a 45mm od washer and drill the holes in it. That’s what I have done on both my boards and it has worked like a charm

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Here’s how mine look.


Is that the 3D printed piece?

That’s the washer I used, it would look better painted black, I think

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The actual part sits against the core of the wheel recessed which I think looks better but that was gonna be my Last resort if we couldn’t find the file.

Yep that’s the 3d printed one. I used socket heads. Cap heads might look better. Like you say @WARMAN, the wheelside is contoured to spread the load.


The washer actually does sit against the hub of the wheel, it just appears not to, compared to @bigben’s as he has larger wheels and the core seems to be further into the urethane if you know what I mean. The hubs on flywheels are 45mm so I got a 45mm washer