Honey Driver | Honey Velocity v3 deck | Caliber II's | 83mm Evolve GT wheels | Dual OM5065 200kv | Space Cell Pro4 | DIY pulleys/Enertion pulley | Bones Super Reds | Enertion mounts | Winning remote | Chaka VESCs - **BUILD COMPLETE!**

Since I finally got all my parts besides the Space Cell, I’ve decided to start my build log. The board will have both VESCs in the back per the available space in the Space Cell and have a 5.5mm extension wire that goes to the front motor. The extension is currently a bit long as you can see, so I may try to cut and resolder the leads.

I’ll be using the 83mm Evolve GT wheels if my pulleys come in time, otherwise I’ll stick to my kegels for now (FYI if you like kegels but have ABEC pulleys the contact pitch of the GT wheels is the same! Pretty much the same wheel with different spokes).

I’m missing keys for my motor and am not 100% sure how I’m going to attach the pulley yet. I do have a dremel so I may drill a small notch on the shaft for the grub screws on the pulley to fit; though this sounds difficult. I may also need to do the same thing on the trucks for the motor mount.

Motor and mounts


##Whole Board

##General Layout

##Wheel and Mount



Looking good @Jinra why 2 remotes

@Kaly’s deal was too good to pass up, so I thought I’d snag one to see if I like it. I originally got the Benchwheel one which is the one I’ll probably use since it has a 800mah battery vs winning’s 500.

Looking incredibly neat!

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That’s good you could change the battery?

The battery is soldered on for both, but you could technically change it if you’d like to. They’re both rechargable 1s lipo’s.

Chaka’s motor looks beautiful on that board. And the VESCS… Nice build! What are you doing for an enclosure?

These motors look awesome !

nice! :slight_smile:

one remark: I would always bring the belt as close to the motor as possible in order to reduce the motor bearing and lateral motor mount load. :nerd:

The mount is literally as close as it can be as the carbon fiber plate is already hitting the trucks which is perfect as the belt is firm, yet spongy in tension.

@lox897 The enclosure will be the space cell pro!

Very purdy, I dig it! My build is looking remarkably similar but with just one OBC motor. I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread for when my parts arrive as a building guide haha

nono, i meant something else! basically: turn around the motor pulley and bring the mount closer to the wheel!

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Oh i see! Will do, thanks for the tip.

As per @whitepony’s suggestion, I’ve reversed the pulley and plan to (somehow) drill a little notch into the motor shaft for the grub screw. Will also be getting keys for it. I’ve also used a dremel to drill a little notch in the hanger for the mount’s grub screw as well and loctited the mount to the trucks.


Very similar to my drivetrain and power ambitions although I’m only going single motor for now. What pulleys are you using for the wheel? Is that a 9mm setup? Also-- did you order your space cell yet? I think the 3 is in stock but wondering the deal with the 4

I ordered my Space Cell a while back order #36xx. It should be shipping this weekend if what I heard was correct. I’m using DIY’s kegel pulley in 9mm.

Make sure you tape the shit out of that motor before you start dilling … Don’t want those fillings stuck to those magnets

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Got it, thanks! I’m not sure how i’m going to drill it so i was thinking of using a dremel cutting wheel to make a small notch. How are you mounting your pulleys?

Sorry for being a complete ignoramous but help me understand why you’re drilling into the motor shaft? Is the pulley from @torqueboards not a simple plug and play (or slipon and tighten) with the OM motor? The mechanics of this situation escape me. I’m planning on going single motor 12mm so wondering if I’ll be up against the same challenge

The key will help the pulley rotate with the shaft, however it’s not secured from sliding around the shaft (toward/away from the motor) so I’d like to drill a small notch for the grub screw to sit so it doesn’t slide around. At least, unless someone tells me it’s not necessary :stuck_out_tongue: