Horrible Communication By AlexTech

Just PMd you a number he gave me last month.

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@Alextech, I have texted, emailed and PM’d you the transaction details.


@psychotiller thanks for bringing light to this issue, I have been been unable to get the product I paid for or a refund from @Alextech for three months now. So add my name to the sad list here. Mods please keep this thread open, it clearly a systemic issue at this point and should be highlighted to the forum community until resolved so that others do not get in same situation meantime. Perhaps a topic for the Lounge.


I’ll say this again…I think you all need to file PayPal claims and then escalate it if you seriously want your money back. He already has a ding against his account with my case. Paypal specifically told me that they will look to shut down accounts with too many claims. Been there and done that with Alex and I’m pretty certain he’s not giving you any money back if he can help it (Paypal told me that he didn’t have my funds is his Paypal account). I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt too, because I still felt like he was not intentionally being a “scammer”…just a case of biting off way more than he can chew.

I see common behaviors based on everyone’s complaints. Poor communication after receiving funds, frequent excuses, and broken promises. Stop holding out guys, you’ve all given him far too many chances.


Really been trying to give @Alextech a chance here…He’s kept good contact over the weekend but then after that looks like he’s gone dark again. Giving him 3 more days until severe actions will be taken.

Unfortunatley Some of these people paid with friends and family and cant get a refund that way, they will get refunded beacuse im not out to scam people espically since most the infromation out there is correct and up to date. There is no benift to me by stabbing myself in the back. [quote=“eddiekphoto, post:25, topic:25597”] Paypal specifically told me that they will look to shut down accounts with too many claims [/quote]

We are aware of this, but considering this is the first. im thinking i shouldnt be alarmed. [quote=“eddiekphoto, post:25, topic:25597”] (Paypal told me that he didn’t have my funds is his Paypal account [/quote]

Well of course not, most of the funds get transfered to my bank account to make other purchases, for example other parts, ESC, Remotes, ect. [quote=“eddiekphoto, post:25, topic:25597”] I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt too, because I still felt like he was not intentionally being a “scammer”…just a case of biting off way more than he can chew. [/quote]

This is 100% I bit way to much then i could chew and had to order parts based on the word of manufactures, due to me being new at this its very easily seen that it has proved to have backfired at me. @eddiekphoto Part of the reason you board wasn’t delivered to you was because of the remotes, then speed controllers we got were unreliable and faulty. unfortunately during that time i had to deal with personal matters and failed to relay that information to you. Im sorry for that, and you can bet i have made improvements so this doesn’t happen.

I bought a Nano Remote v2 from @AlexTech and at first the communication was great and I had no problems paying for remote without thinking twice. Then communication stopped for a while but I did hear from him during the last weekend and he clearly explained reasons and current situation. He said he would ship this week and today I got the tracking number. So in my experience, other than the few week comm blackout (which was reasonably explained), I have had a good experience buying from @AlexTech so far. Just posting here because many of us are quick to post when experiences are bad but not so much about good ones :slight_smile:

Okay @Alextech… you take the time to finally respond to me now after all of the failed attempts last month now that you’re put on blast. Interesting. The last excuse you gave me was that you couldn’t find a suitable box to ship my board in so no reason to make up lies now in front of everyone. How about you focus on getting parts out or refunding the other members on this thread. Im not out to get you in any way but im also not going to hold back my experience when other people are having similar issues. I truly hope that you’re able to resolve all of these issues and not be labeled a scammer. Your responses to me are not helping your case…


But did you actually recieve your remote?

That would be a damn fast shipment :slight_smile: But of course, I was planning to post update here after I get the package…

Haha got it. Not trying to be mean, but we’ve all recieved tracking numbers in the past with no actual sign of shipment. Maybe you’ll be the first to get your item! :slight_smile:


Gotcha. I’ll be on the lookout then. So your tracking numbers show in some pre-shipment, pre-advised status?

I also got my tracking number right now. Lets see how the package turns out this friday.

@caustin Discussions about group buys, whether they are going great, or failing, are allowed on the forum. Since group buys start here publicly, challenges and disputes can be made publicly. Ideally the issues would be hashed out in the original group buy thread but obviously the problems with this one are major, and warrant a unique thread.


I bought a set of hub motors from Alextech in december and I can assure you guys he is not a scammer.

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Today I got a new tracking number from Alex - it still says that the item hasn’t been shipped yet but PayPal now has been updated to “shipped”. I will let you all know if/when I receive the item

Just recieved my package and I’m missing my motor mount as well as a 15 pulley. Ordered a motor, motor mount, as well as a 15/36 pulley set with 2 belts. Almost satisfied…

This is everything that came in

Other than @sukurity receiving only part of what he ordered, has anyone else been taken care of?

Here’s his info before he deletes his website!!!

[email protected]

Still waiting on my chargerrr

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