Hoverboard motors for Esk8?

Has anyone looked into taking the guts from a broken (or unwanted) hoverboard and using the hub motors from it to make an electric longboard? You can get broken ones for fairly cheep (ive seen them around $100). You would get two sensored hub motors in 6.5"-10" wheels (depending on the hoverboard). and a questionable but potentially good enough 36v lipo pack.

You would have to get pneumatic wheels of a similar size for the front obviously, but since the wheels would be bigger I would have to imagine it would give you a much better ride.

I’m thinking about possibly going that route with my build, but I figured I would ask if anyone has done it before.

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They would make awesome electric mountain board wheels but you would have to modify the hell out of them. I brought this up in another thread a while back and somebody mentioned that they are just insanely low KV and you would basically have to re-wind the stators to make them useful on an eboard. In their current state, they’re basically all torque and no top end, i think they max out at like 5 or 7 mph. That’s what would have to change, and i think it could be done. That is to say, i want somebody to do it so i can see what happens.


good idea ! i wanted to salvage the used 22V 18650 cells . 20 of them . but owner havent reply . since you’ve mentioned the hub motors . I’ll look out for it :smiley:

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I have a hoverboard in peices let me know what you want to see. I’ve already tried taking the parts

If you would be willing. I think a good first step would be hooking up one of the motors to an esc/battery, and just seeing how fast it will go.

It’s 22 volts? Then hooking up a vesc on 12s might be kinda nice. Maybe double the speed. Maybe u could do more volts/speed since the kv is so low

i did that! at 22 volts it went about 7mph or so not very fast. i just used a 120 fvt esc.

The motors are brushless sensored. But are missing one sensor wire (they only have 5) we use 6. Not sure what thats all about

boooooooo =(

i wonder if you can push more volts through it though. and if you can get enough of a speed boost from that.

well its built for 36 volts. I ran it at only 22 so you might be able to get like 12 mph out of it maybe. Thats pretty good for an off road board. If you ran sensors on it, this thing could be used for some extreme off road situations.

Ill sell the components if you guys are interested in it?

I have every part ( i used to sell them) except for the batteries.

how much would you want for 2 of the wheels/hub motors?

im not greedy, honestly i was thinking 35 bucks a wheel plus shipping. in the end they are hub motors.


I also have all the control boards for it and stuff. the entire thing. except for the battery ( i took that and used it for selfish purposes ) lol which is why this board doesnt work anymore. IF you any part of it just let me know a counter offer. I have no use for it

Thanks for the offer, but as much as i want them, they are out of my budget, and will not fit for the board i want/need to make.

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no more than 50 volts max from the vesc. I thought possibly more w the low kv

This hub motor would work for sure. I believe Onloop new mountainboard video is using a hoverboard hub motor mounted on a custom made truck. I have these thoughts as well to use hoverboard motor, but if I can’t get my hands on the truck, its hard to make this happen.

its here , USD$170++

Wow that’s expensive. I still have 2 I want to see someone do something with them

Hey @barajabali, the 6th wire is probably the temp wire and is not necessary.


My thoughts for a truck, would be to get a steel truck, and weld on a steel pipe (on the bottom or back side of the truck) that would fit around the axle of the motors. then just have a cutout in the middle of the pipe for the wires to go through. and use bolts in the pipe to clamp down on the axle of the motor.