How can I change the battery indicator on my diyeboard ESC/Battery?

The battery indicator doesn’t work so I’d like to swap it out, prefferably with something like this: That displays a percentage rather than voltage… Unless I should be displaying voltage?

Do I just remove the pre-installed adapter on the cables and solder the new indicator directly? Is there an alternative to soldering that wouldn’t be permanent?

Here is a picture of my battery

I changed mine from percentage to voltage because in my opinion, its more important to monitor your battery’s voltage.


You have to solder that monitor across the battery cable, so that it is in parallel with the XT60. You won’t be able to plug that battery monitor directly into the esc

He will also need a switch then so he can turn the monitor off. Dw he might have an antispark.

I think there must be two pins on the esc to read voltage though because how would the stock meter read it

Yeah he’ll deffinetly read the switch. I have the same monitor and esc, and tried to hook it up to the esc’s battery monitor hook up, but after inspecting all the pins using a DMM, i couldn’t figure out which one, if any, directly outputted voltage. I didn’t that hard though so maybe someone else will have better luck with it than me

I found one that has a sleep mode built in, maybe I could try that

So you can’t read battery from the remote only from the monitor?

Installing a new monitor shouldn’t change the battery read-out on the remote, assuming the remote already has a battery read-out built in. You’re not trying to instal this battery monitor on your remote are you?

Hey! I did exactly this to my diyeboard kit. Just do a small cut in the wires behind the xt60 connector and solder the wires to the cable.

Very easy and works perfectly . See pictures.

Thanks for the reply,

Something like this?

Yeah you could do like that also. I however attached it to the cable that is between the esc and male xt60 connector. This way you can swap batteries and have the indicator work no matter what battery you use :slight_smile:

How does this look

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Like this

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Ok sweet that’s essentially what I was thinking of with my second picture, I think we just had things flipped horizontally.

Never really done too much soldering in the past so this will be a challenge for me. Just solder and wrap up in electrical wire?

Is your indicator on all the time? Have you noticed any significant battery draw from it? Probably not right

Chiming in. I tested the same battery capacity/voltage gauge and this similar meter:

At least for me, the DROK meter was much more accurate when I compared its readings with the readings from my multimeter. The other tester was outputting 0.4 volts higher, even after I configured it to match my battery pack. Could be an isolated incident shrug.

Is there any noticeable battery drain due to the battery indicator since it is always on?

Are you still using the DROK? Get’s the job done?

Well, admittedly, I’ve only tested its initial accuracy… haven’t installed it yet to test its effect on the battery. Not 100% certain, but it might be possible to restrict power to the monitor by soldering the positive lead to the output of your power switch instead of the battery. I have no practical knowledge of this, just something I read in the Q&As on the amazon page… maybe someone else can confirm?

Just a heads up, if you instal the indicator that way, you Need an on/off switch for it. I’ve seen battery’s completely ruined because an indicator was left on for 3 days. It doesn’t use a lot of power, but over the course of days, it Will drain your battery

I wonder if anyone sells indicators with switches built in