How do I build a dual motor electric longboard?

Hi, I am a 16-year-old boy who wants to build his first electric longboard. I want to have a setup with one motor, but want two add a second one in the future. I would like to start out with a smaller motor, that makes it possible for me two not bye too new motors, but bye a second one like the first one. Which I could add. It would help a lot if anyone could help me with a parts list of what I would need. I have got about 575 dollars.


maybe you want to go through this thread i posted below, make a list on your own and tell us what u got.

Then we can see if it could work.

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Look through the builds category, you will find tons of info and parts lists.

Is this a Ok motor. And well two of them fit. Is the kv to high.

Here is the link

yeah, that’s a pretty good motor. The KV being too high or low is also dependent on the voltage you’re gonna be running, so keep that in mind. In general, kv * number of cells * 4.2 * 7 should be less than 60,000, any higher and you risk frying your VESC

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Do anyone know about a cheap and reliable VESC.

What’s your budget on the vesc?

My total budget is 575$. So I think about 90 $. Should I spend more or is this a good price point.

If you have 575$, you should have enough to buy 2new motors, one new vesc and a new mounts and stuff

But aren’t you supposed to have two things VESCs for two motors.

Yes, forget about the previous comment


But what VESCs do i nead to get.

With that budget you should build single drive with bigger motor. Goog duals go up to 1000 dollars.

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But ther are a lot of hold in my aria.

Ok so this is pretty much my upcoming build. So what you want for that budget is 2x 260ish kv 6355 motors or 5055 or any you want pretty much around that kv. Then you can get two Xcar Beast 120amp Esc for about $100. With that setup you can go with a 6s lipo and and hobby charger or small discharge only bms. The rest you can get from eBay like trucks, wheels, pulleys or chains and a deck you like. That is pretty much it. You can make your own mounts if you have the tools or buy some off someone here. The rest of the stuff is pretty small like connectors and stuff which you can find out yourself from reading on the forum

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he does not have the budget for a dual at all!!! (unless using one of those cheapo ebay escs). 1 6374 motor is within his budget but not much more

6374 is the shit forreal

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What motor fo i nead to get for starting out withe one motor But aking a nouther one for a duell motor in the mucher.

He does so have enough for a dual build. My build is going to cost around $400 with dual motors and yes it will have the eBay esc but that is just to test and for an extra $100 I could use two reliable Xcar escs

What motor shoude i get.