How do I hook up a honking horn?

Hi Community!

Can’t find any info on how to control a horn from any of the free channels on the GT2B (although I see people mentioning they have added remote controlled horns to their boards). I’m in need of a total noob walk-through if anyone want to share. Parts needed, wiring/diagram and what-not…

I saw a great diagram from @mmaner for controlling lights on/off, but a guess a horn would need a temporary or timed switch maybe, unless you want to run with a constant hooooooonk.

All your thoughts, diagrams, theres-already-a-topic-explaining-this-links are much appreciated.

As mentioned I have the GT2B remote with receiver which will be hooked up to a VESC-X.



Unfortunately, most horns that would be loud enough to be heard will all be 12v and quite large.

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@Mikeomania12 has an wireless honking honk. That thing is annoying as fuk but it works!


Too much?


I want to hear it now =)

Something like this? :joy:


What’s wrong with the old fashioned way?


Actually traffic regulations here requires the board to have a bell/horn. If that wasn’t the case, old school is the way to go always :smile: I like the simplicity of the finger bell though. Simpler is better!

Almost what I had in mind lol. Rather have a ferry horn though

I need this. Do you know where i can get ?

@themegak You’ll find those on ebay. Search for bike bell finger ring

Hilarious :joy:

Get one of these receiver controlled switches, then the button on the grip of the GT2B can switch something on and off.

Now to figure out what to do about the horn. Easiest may be a 5v buzzer with voltage tapped off the receiver. The sound will be annoying as fuck and maybe not very loud.

If you want to use a real motorcycle type horn at 12v you will need a DC/DC step down converter to get a 12v line from your battery. Something like this.

12v motor cycle horn.

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necropost! I had most of the parts lying around, was gonna do lights.

dropbox video

The horn is 12v 1.5A, the green thing is a dual bec, has a 5v and 12v output.

I also bought a 36v horn, and I have some of those cheap buck converters. I figured a smaller voltage drop would be less stress on the converter. Will have to see.

The Turnigy RC switch doesn’t seem to have latching behavior, so not good for lights using the steering thing, but good for the horn.

For those not familiar, on the mini remote the trigger goes to CH2 on the receiver, the wheel on the side goes to CH1. In the video, the RC switch thing hooks up to CH1, and switches the 12v line. Need 5v for the receiver (usually from vesc), and 12v 1.5a for the horn.

Gotta mount it up now.

I made this wireless air horn that I keep on the outside pocket of knapsack. I also use a separate remote to toggle it because at the time i was using a remote with only 1 channel. I just got the ‘winning’ remote so need to try that second channel now. The horn is a little too big to mount on the bottom of my board. But its louder than most cars :wink:

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Ive decided to go with a bicycle hand bell. A horn from a vehicle is just too loud and harsh and not at all polite. 99% of the time its pedestrians on cycle-ways and pavements i need to warn.

If i were using it solely on the road though, then id consider a regular horn.