How do I make my motor go faster (BLDC)

Hi, I have a [6355 190KV Motor] (diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv/), two 5000 mah 3s1p 20c Lipo Batteries and a Vesc 4.12. I found that my motor has been going slower than usual.

Here are my BLDC Tool Screenshots:

Thank you in advance!!

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190kv is a bit low for 6s. I’d upgrade to 10-12s or throw another 3s lipo in there for 9s. You can change gearing for more speed, but right now your setup isn’t the most efficient.

Also, run and apply motor detection, it’s at default right now.

Thanks for the quick response! So what batteries should I get… Including mah, cellls and c. Also, should I change anything in my settings besides motor detection? Thanks again!

Buy the same 5000 mAh 3s 20c lipo, preferably from the same manufacturer. Run all of them in series to get a total of 9s1p (5000mAh).

Unfortunately, I do not have enough room in my box.

Welp, not much you can do then, unless you wanna make / find another enclosure.

But @Jinra is right; 190kv is not optimal for 6s. When running through a speed calc, are your speeds close, or is it something else?

What is the max AMP rating of your motor?

Here are all your options for increasing speed:

  • Get a larger motor pulley, or
  • Buy bigger wheels, or
  • Make/find a smaller wheel pulley, or
  • Buy a higher KV motor (up ~330kV), or
  • Increase system voltage, or
  • Add jet packs


I could see collin furze making a rocket powered longboard.

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I know someone with a new 6355 260kV motor that is looking for a 190kV that you have. If you are interested in a swap, let me know. That will fix your problem instantly

You say you want to go faster. How fast are you going on your current setup? I am running 2x3s 5000mAh 30s batteries on a 6355 190kv motor. 16Tx36T on Orangatang Kegel wheels. Yesterday I went 9 miles on a charge, averaged 13.7 mph and maxed at 18.5 mph. Elevation gain was 111 ft.

Sorry for the late response. My max AMP rating is 80 AMPS

When I started, I could easily be going 20 - 25 mph, now I am only going 10 - 15 mph.

If I am correct, lower kv rating is higher torque so I would like to maintain my torque and increase my speed.

If I were to buy another 5000 mah 3s 20c lipo battery, is there anyway that I can connect it without using a HXT 4mm Series Connector with 12awg Wire?

I’m no electrical D.C. Motor expert, but I’d caution you about the lower kv / higher torque assumption. There are extensive threads about it already. I have a 260kv and more torque than I need. Adding the extra 3s to go to 9s is a solid suggestion. Get creative and make the room if you can.

More importantly, if your board used to run at twice the speed, and you haven’t changed anything in your setup, then you have problem to investigate. Just adding more power is akin to turning up the radio when your car starts to make a knocking sound.

I’d take a good look at your batteries. You say that you had performance and are now losing it. Perhaps your cells might be getting a little tired, and sag their voltage under current now. Are you experiencing a drop in range?

I used some cheap lipos for my first build from hobbyking. I was also using a vesc, a 4.12 from Enertion. The batteries were great when I first bought them, the board had a lot of punch. After a good amount of cycles, the performance dropped significantly, both acceleration and range. Built a new pack and had my performance back.

Best of luck!

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I’d up your motor max to 75A

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People often run their lipos too low. Charge them to 4.2V per cell and discharge them to 3.5V. If you run them lower over time, you´ll damage them.

I also had bad experience with low C rating lipos. 6S with 20C 5000mah sucks pretty hard on hills and sag a lot.