How do you fasten your XT90 Plug in your Case (i.e for loop key)


i looked through a lot of pictures here, but i can hardly see, how you guys fasten your XT90 or 60 keys in your case. I glued mine in, but now its to short and the connector comes lose everytime i ride.

maybe anyone can advise me on a solution?

Try hot glue gun if you have one

Hot glue FTW

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2-component glue aka epox.

yea, but do you have a picture? what i mean is, if i glue it, then a small part of the plug stays in my housing and can’t be used for the other part of the plug, which then is too short. i hope you know what i mean.

Not sure what you mean. But this is how mine work.

Hot glue for me too. On both sides, inside the enclosure and outside to ensure waterproofing.

I’ve got some 3d models, if you have access to a 3d printer, for panel connectors. I’ll post them tomorrow when I get back to work.

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Tuomalar thanks so much! That makes sense. I have the female part in my enclosure and the male part goes over it. But it can not go all the way in. But your solution is so simple, i wonder why i didnt think about it. I feel pretty dumb now, but also am happy because i’ve got a solution now. Thanks guys!

@mmaner: If you have an 3D-model of the XT90 … I’m highly interested.

I’m not sure is this would help but this new thread just popped up with some of the same things in it.

You also have this holder on Hobbyking. I don’t know if it’s of any use.

There was an argument not long ago for not mounting that way as it leaves the pins exposed and able to short. I’m not really sure that is much of an issue but I mounted mine male end in the case anyway. I understand what you mean about the thickness of the enclosure meaning that the female part doesn’t fit fully over the male. I cut a wooden holder and worked out positioning then filed the hole out to the right size. sanded the area around the XT90 a little thinner and then hotglued it up against it. It wont ever work loose and probably only short by about 1.5mm which hasnt caused me any problems.

I mounted mine with the male pins in the case too because I had an issue where the anti-spark-plug (female part) was still giving off sparkes, probably due to wear of the resistor / internal contacts. This way, I can switch the female side much easier. To protect them, I printed a cover (found in the thread smorto linked above).

Something like this?

I wasn’t sure what you were looking for from the context. Did you want a model of the XT90 or or an XT90 Panel Mount?

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Thanks a lot! Just one of them (XT90 or XT90-Pamel Mount) is fine for me. I can deduce everything I need from just one of both. Finally I want to make a 3D-printable model of a XT-90-3-Plug-T-Adapter where the power connector from the battery, the loop key and the power connector to the VESC are linked together and can be fixed to the board.

That sounds cool, I’m interested in seeing what you come up with.

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Exposed pins doesn’t really matter to me because they’re covered with male when i’m outside.

What plugs are you using? I assume female for all three of the model points and male on the battery vesc and loop?

At the battery I always use female, the V*** (ESC formerly known as VESC) has male - so I have to use the corresponding counterparts. Currently I think I will use a male for the loop key, so the T-Adapter will have female.

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