How do you store your boards?

This is a question for the people with a fuckton of boards and has passed the “borderline addicted” and is pretty much using eskate as cocaine. How do you store your army of boards? Do you have a rack for them? Wall hooks? Or do you just throw them around and let them swim in your garage/basement/mancave


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Used to store all my boards in this nice ass heavy rack, 900$ rack made out of heavy metal guage. It’s going to @Arzamenable since I don’t have a use for it anymore


900$ Rack??? Thats gotta be made of gold, and is that the kiss of death?

I’m having trouble with trying to store ~15 boards in my workshop and it gets pretty cramped

Custom made and I had 400 pounds of boards on it and holds up like a dream. I bought it used, but the guy was the owner of altered boards.

If your wondering why it’s 400 pounds, each led acid battery is 8 pounds

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@Linny made a really good looking version of it. Mine is more a quick fix but with it also super cheap.


Is there a link to it? I’m currently using a restaurant rack to hold most of my boards, but a bunch of them are still leaning on the wall

camphoto_1804928587 IMG_8870 If you look closely to the left you will see a restaurant rack with a bunch of boards on it lol, the other half are across the room on a wall


image image image image

I just bought some wood and rack holder (or how ever the white angles are called :sweat_smile:) and put all together.


Thats pretty darn good, now time for me to build a couple of those.

The wood is holding up fine with all those boards?

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The fact that you cut that with a hand saw makes me shiver, my elbow is hurting already. :cold_sweat:

And all the cuts are square what kind of god are you?

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No issues so far and i‘m about to stack up more and more boards :joy:.

If you can drill into your wall I would probably just mount two wood plates and mount than the angles on the wood. More easy and faster. As I‘m not allowed to drill holes in the wall i needed to go that way.

:joy: no I had an electrical saw for it as well. Sorry for the confusion. The cuts don’t need to be perfect. I have metal angles on each corner as support and I don’t mind that it doesn’t look perfect. For me more important that it works.

Haha I’m not allowed to drill into the walls aswell, I think I’ve found what I have been looking for, I have too many boards coming in and out of the shop and every one of them are heavy as shit. Hopefully I can build something that can hold up a couple of boards. Getting the wood would be annoying though… as I don’t have a car


Ahahaha that makes way more sense I’ve cut a single 2x4 with a hand saw before and its up there with shit I never wanna do again.

This was my lazy solution, 20190516_225846 20190516_225853

You aren’t gonna be able to store a shit load of boards like this, but it’s super convenient when you grab to go ride.

Of course I mounted them about a week before some surf rodz fell into my lap so now I’m waiting on longer axles so they match the width of rear TB218’s. That’s why they look so dumb lol

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Mine was taken in inspiration from @Andy87 haha.

Almost about the same, except for the mounting for the vertical part to the base. I had 4 M10 bolts and nut securing and tightening it, and a bunch of 3 inch screws to secure it all. The base also was unintentionally storage, so i used it to keep motors, VESCs and wheels.

20190503_213817 20190505_211356


this is a good thread, i need to find a solution for this now that we have 4-5 boards in the house.

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how about the dirty back wheels and the white wall? did you cover the wall with something like plastic sheet or similar to save the color, or you just dont mind?

if you have enought space i think the solution from @sofu is a good one as well.

didn´t found an other picture, so