How many boards do you have?

I recently dove into making a DiY battery for my CGT 3 months ago. In that time, I bought some Evolve hardware to make a DiY board. But since I started, I have gone through the painful process of waiting on parts, so while I expect to get things going again in a month or so, I am looking at buying a used GTX to ride, which would be my 3rd board.

I’m starting to feel that it may be over the top to have 3 boards, even if 2 are out of commission atm; the urge to ride though makes it hard to fight the impulse to get another.

That got me thinking, how many boards do people have on average anyways? How many esk8 boards do you own or are building atm?

Three. One low-power trainer/loaner board, one “daily driver” and I just finished my first dual-motor.

That’s down from 4 - I had to sacrifice 2 loaner boards to make my dual motor.

I’ll probably end up with a mountain board at some point, but likely the dual will become my daily and the daily will become the mountain board. Or maybe the dual will become the mountain board. Or something.

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Nice, how long did it take to build up the dual-motor?

Not that long, but only because I had 2 donor boards, so I had everything in stock except the motors and motor mounts. and I needed 12 additional 18650’s to make a 10S5P pack out of an old 3P pack.

So maybe 7 evenings and a saturday. I’m still tweaking it a bit.

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Available and ready to be riden: Trampa hs11 (for rides under bad pavement or unknown roads) Enertion Raptor 2 (commute to work) Sector 9 Bintang (long and fast rides)

Out of service Evolve Bamboo GT (broken bms) Loaded Vanguard (part donor)

Under construction Jet spud 29" Moonshine Sidekick


Currently 2, close to running.

Other than that a lot of other “hardware” parts, which could make another board or two.

Problem is with batteries, controllers and motors… these cost quite a bit more, so it makes it problematic to make more completes…

Have about 3 other decks in my inventory, 2x pneumatic wheel sets (6inch and 8inch).

Though not much extra motors, batteries or controllers.

Im sure some members here can really show their impressive inventory, as mine is still a miniscule one compared to what ive seen in picture thread :smiley:


got the “dog runner,” 12s2p mono 6374, 36" deck. i use this one 80% of the time.

and a second 12s4p dual 6374, 40" high speed board that’s going to get broken down into two new builds.

i like having some extra boards around to hoon around with friends when they come over.


I have 3. A 12s2p single 6374 thats nice because of its portability, a 12s4p dual 6374 that I am currently rebuilding, and a LHB custom.


I have 6 (2 out of action) and 1 about to be built (waiting for everything before I start)

Starting to wonder if it’s possible to have all board running at one time lol


2 boards until now (have to post build threads by the way !)

  • Single 9S 5Ah Lipo with 6355 motor and 4.12 VESC, 30" Carver deck with a real kicktail : Short, lighter that my other board, now used for small ride to go to the grocery store or that kind of stuff and to go to work when weather is good.

  • Dual 9S 8Ah Lipo with dual 6355 motors and FocBox, 39" Hydroponic awesome deck : Longer, heavier but more powerful (damn, can’t get enough of that dual acceleration)


Ive always been curious whenever it would be possible figure out about how many esk8 builders there are.

This thread sort of makes it clearer, as there are not any statistical numbers i would have come up to, concerning how many eboards are in “circulation”, so to speak :slight_smile:

“Shed” / “workshop” and “Board collection” pics are welcome, I always enjoy seeing many eboards together, not just one.

Helps to spot their differences and overall look n all :slight_smile:


Love it, dedicated boards for only street riding and at riding are the way to go in the end, IMO. I love my evolve but I hate swapping wheels and batteries.

@Okami dude your AT setups are off the hook, its always nice to be able to ride when you have to wait for parts to finish building something; now I want a 3rd board (used GTX) even more. What kind of rides to you take those bad boys on? And yeah lol, I was wondering what peoples collections were cause I wanted to be dissuaded from spending my current savings on a 3rd board…but after seeing peoples replies on this thread, I am suuuuuper tempted to buy it :sweat_smile:

@thisguyhere Man I wish I had something like your “dog runner” when I used my longboard around college campus, care to take a pic? What are you planning on building?

@wolfgangcole Portability is no joke, going from like a subway to the classroom or office without stepping into a car is worth the newfound freedom. I actually intended to use a DiY GTX I’m working on to have my larger friends ride, using a dual focbox setup and maybe some 200kv motors, when I acquire them.

@sk8l8r 6??? A friend recently told me, “I always have 3 boards, cause I can always count on 2 being out of action” lol…your comment makes me start to think getting a 3rd board might cost me in savings, but it also might save my sanity!

@Slak Nice, I use my board to go anywhere close by as well. Personally I love dual acceleration, can’t go back after having tasted it for my first Esk8 experience.

My boards:

  1. CGT, racerstar 140kvs, evolve esc. Currently out of commission due to a DiY Battery Project. Said project somehow fried my ESC, waiting to buy another while I rebuild the battery to a better size (10s5p to a 4p).

  2. DiY GT, dual focbox setup, 10s4p 18650 30q, Firefly remote. Currently building remote, and ordered one from @SeeTheBridges. Out of commission until parts arrive, will setup focbox canbus in the meantime.

  3. Possible stock Evolve GTX, I need to ride again…


I have 1 mono 10s 6374. Is the first build, so naturally it’s being worked on more than it’s being ridden. Currently building a small milk runner on an old Powell peralta deck with a high discharge 10s2p config. Using 20650 lg’s. Going to be my first battery build. Makes sense to at least have 2 so there’s hopefully always one ready to rip on. @Eboosted I’m excited to see that Moonshine sidekick. Damn those are nice decks. Your builds are always inspiring!


Currently have 2 boards… Boosted Board V2 Dual+ XR and a Wowgo Mini. Looking at building a board sometime this year, currently reading and reading and reading.

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Personal boards


  • 38" 10s3p Vanguard - retired for parts.
  • 39" 13s5p “Master Evo” - My current main, faithful speed board
  • 38" 10s4p “Darth Icarus” - in progress, pinnacle of cruising
  • 36" 12s6p “Trampa Day Walker” - in progress, off road monster
  • 33" 10s3p “Purple Potato” - light weight office campus cruiser ie last mile build


  • Was originally planning 20s10p(200cells) but for safety will likely limit it to 13s15p(195cells). Not much other details yet as I’m still mostly in planning stage. But likely will use a squash tail shape.


  • Cheap Chinese hub kit for my wife’s Schwinn bike to cruise with me. Using retired vanguard 10s3p.

I don’t think there is such thing as “to many boards”, if you have a purpose for them. Granted I’ve been able to learn alot and fill alot of satisfaction building boards for locals. So its helped me determine what I want out of boards, and realizing that no one board does it all.

I think the main thing before building another board just to build one because your first one breaks, is rebuild, and rebuild until you get that first one right, having a good understanding of what parts are reliable (electronics) will allow you to build yourself your own “standard” of parts, and save you many many headaches as you expand your Swiss army knife of Esk8 collection…


I myself only have one. but my mother, father, younger brother and younger sister all have one as well so I can use any!


I have two boards. One boosted dual plus that will go 27mph.

Other is my 48" Jaseboard deck with 12s6p under it.

I’m happy to say I spent a significant amount of time reading build logs and doing research on what to buy and what not to buy. Instead of asking will this eBay/China whatever work I just went right to what has been working well for others. Once my board was built I’ve only had to make a few tweaks here and there. Nothing major except riding.

Edit: I have plans for a AT build. After my ebike build. One expensive toy at a time…


2 Boards right now…

12S2P Icarus with Single 6374 (97mm ABEC)

  • My go to cruising/carving board

10S3P Killshot with Dual 6355s (107mm ABEC)

  • Higher torque and a bit longer range…mostly for pulling my kids around in a wagon

I’m itching to work on a 3rd at this point that has pneumatics…stupid pot holes/brick.

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13s15 what cells would u use, 3.5ah Lg ones, Tesla Or just cheap 3ah ones?

This sounds like something I was fantasising about this week. I was imagining 13s10p with cells under and over the deck.

30a or 35a cells. I’m expecting to be pulling around 150-300a continuous so having some overhead (450 or 525a continuous) will make sure I have some good range. Somewhere in the 37Ah- 50Ah total size

Water has alot more drag then land and air :wink:

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