How many times is Enertion going to push back their Unity shipping date? I'm going to miss a whole summer of riding because of them

I can understand problems do arise in business that could cause delays but at least let me get a full refund so I can buy from someone else. Why should I have to pay 20% because they suck at running their business. It’s theft and should be illegal.




Maybe they are trying to fix the problems with the unit before they ship them out…

I know it sucks but you’ll learn in esk8 you shouldn’t hold your breath on things that aren’t readily available in stock. This kinda stuff happens. Often. Even to the best of vendors. Plus if you look enertion has a history with pushing shipping dates back on vescs. Even back when it was the focbox.
Sorry dude


What would you rather? A non functioning unity or to wait an extra couple of weeks for a unity that is spot on?


Like I said I do understand that problems do sometime occur to cause delays, but to charge 20% for cancellation when they’ve failed to deliver the product within a reasonable date is scammy. I rather have my money back.


I rather have a full refund so I can buy from someone else. And I’ve already “waited an extra couple of weeks”.


Maybe they should have gotten a loan from a bank if they needed upfront cash instead of stealing my money.


I would wait if I was you…better than loosing 20% yea


That refund charge is complete bollocks to be honest and breaks so many consumer laws its silly. Wouldn’t be upheld in their own country so why should they get away with it selling overseas. Every place that has ever tried to charge me a restocking or cancellation fee has never actually got away with it here. Check your own consumer rights for wherever you are and then quote it to them. Its not a custom built piece of kit that you have commissioned and then backed out of, its a mass produced product and as such you are well within your rights to return the item if it doesn’t suit if you have the original receipt. If you haven’t even received it then obviously so. Imagine if clothing stores did that? With the amount that my wife takes back they wouldn’t ever have to actually sell anything. They’d be rich on all the 20 percents.


Everything alright at home Daz? :joy:

Australian company, Australian buyer, you could do it for fun and just state you want a return/refund, 20% restock? Hello Australian consumer agency inquiry

The actual product is whammo, just teething a little maybes in the f/w

Enertion released a mailshot today about it, they need to up their game on either QA or bench f/w release testing


True stuff. the product is good and I have absolute faith in it down to how the focbox works. 20% though seriously?

Tell you what guys lets tell everyone that if they want to cancel it will cost them 20%

Great idea Jase. What about the consumer rights?

Fuck em mate ay.

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All I’m saying is it would only take one email to rectify this slightly illegal practice.

but in order for the Australian stazi to get involved, the buyer has to be Australian as well otherwise no care by Australian authorities

It’s really shitty practice in light of unexplained ‘delays’ 2nd season running. Things happen outside of your control but punishing buyers on top of them missing their build window for summer? Deciding that you no longer have an obligation to inform waiting buyers that 3 months is 6-7 months now and tough, deciding that the ordered products are no available and not really announce it, basically troll your customer base because you don’t want to take one for the team again. :thinking::face_with_monocle:

Let me tell you the boss crying was the only payback last year, more tears required

Kids are now trying to figure out how to get the £ for Trampa vescs, that should be a worrying market shift


Well actually here in sweden companys have a right to take out a fee for when you cancel an order. But sure, 20% is alot.

They operate in Australia under Australian law but they would not protect a Swedish customer so only a :koala: could give the slap on the wrist

Yeah thats probably true.

Good points well made and far more eloquently than I it would seem. Think I’ve been over here too long.
@mojoo999 If you really want a full refund then site the consumer law in an email as Alan has suggested but to be honest a working unity is what you really need. It will be a market leader and of this I am sure. Too many smart guys are working to make this a reality. One not so smart guy is working to make it a failure.


He’s getting shafted too by some factory who lies, it seems they all do there

but he could be chill and just say what the problems are

I mean look at Hummie, he had my money and many others for a looong time but he kept us all in the loop and has loyal followers because honesty.

When you don’t have control of your operations and try to hide the fact, you will be caught out

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Things always take longer then you expect. Just how business works with china. With hummie, a lot of the time was in figured out how to assemble the motors. There is not manual for this lol. When you go to china and have other’s do your work though, you can get things done in a reasonable amount of time.

Idk what the problem is, but this same type of thread has been created for 4 years now, over and over again, on basically every product they have released since opening this forum. You’d think at some point, they would figure it out… Unless it’s intentional to by time.


Yes its a continuing wheel within a wheel but who fucking cares? I think that the majority of people are fully over the bullshit. Product aside, its the delivery that is lacking. Once a comparable product hits the market…

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