How many Watts & Amps in 4x 5000mah 11.1V Lipos hooked in series?

So I have 4 of these

So I have 4 of them hooked in series and I can’t figure out how many Amps and Watts they output. Thank you in advance for your help!

4 x 11.1v (3.7v per cell) = 44.4v (3s x 4 = 12s) 5000mah = 5ah 5ah x 50.4v (4.2v per cell) = 252 Watt hours

5ah * 50c = 250a 5ah * 100c = 500a 250 amps continuous 500 amps burst


Thank you so much Cryo! And one more thing, so I will be using this vesc

and its rated for 60amps continuous so is my 4xlipos in series too much cuz i will only using one of these motors collections/electric-skateboard-starter-collection/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-190kv. And when I hook four of them in series than to a parallel connector it reads about 24v im not sure if it became 10000mah and 6s or its still the same.

This equation does not give true current capability of Lipo batteries.


Take a look at these True Spec Lipos. They give the true current capability of their Lipos.

5400/90C is 135a continuous

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anyways ill do my own experiments, thanks alot

I’m just going off of formulas off google search and it seems c rating * ah = amp draw is the consensus.

I agree manufacturers tend to inflate the c rating a lot but without OPs battery in hand to test, we’ll never know

Edit: actually, looking back at it now this confuses me. are they saying their 90c batteries are 85 amps continuous? If so, doesn’t that just mean they are misrepresenting the C rating of their batteries? Because every website I’ve visited has agreed that (c rating) * (mah/1000) = (cont. amp draw) so instead of mentioning 90c it would just be 20c…

That depends on the load. A few factors affect how much current you’ll draw such as your weight, going up a hill, throttle, etc.

What I can say for sure is you’ll be drawing less amps with the 12s battery setup rather than 6s2p, But if you go 12s, using a 190kv motor might put you over the vescs erpm limit. If going with the 6s, i would maybe recommend a higher kv motor.


That being said, 250 amps is just the theoretical max amp draw your battery is capable of, real world usage you will likely never even hit 100…

SMC isn’t inflating their C rating. They are showing that AH x C does not give true current capability. I used to think that my 5ah 60C batteries would handle 300a cont. but then I saw how that they have some voltage sag with only 20-30a draw and I realized that the equation was incorrect.

Why? How to understand which is right or not? How about the hobbyking lipos? The rating is there also not right?

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The formula of AH x C = current is not right. It doesn’t give a true answer. This is the case with all Lipos. That is why SMC states the true current capability of their Lipos.

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I don’t understand, I thought that hooking 4 of them in series would equal to 12s and 44.4V but it stays 5000mah so how 6s is more amps and it becomes 10000mah and about 22.2V right?

I don’t like this c-rating declaration… Just wonder why smc just don’t write there max amp??? There c rating totally over the top. You said the formula ah x c = amp is wrong, but how than all companies define there declared c rating? What would you recommend is a good point to start with. If to look again to the hobbyking lipos which most common here I guess. Let’s say 6s 4000mah 65c would be after the old formula 240a constant. So in real life i can take from this the half, 130a and this would be the real max constant current? :thinking:

In series the volts add up In parallel the amps and ah add up With 6s you still have 5000mah But if you run 6s2p than it’s 10000mah and 22volts

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what does 2p mean?

2p means two in parallel. Now you made a 12s1p pack with your 4packs You can make a 6s2p out of this 4packs Just set up 2packs in series, twice and connect them than parallel

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like this?IMG_0075

Like this (sorry for the shitty drawing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) image

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just to make sure like this? sketch LOL

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