How many watts u pull while accelerating / cruising?

This should be a poll type topic… but im open to text replies.

Board setup / rider weight would also be welcome.

So far on flat (asphalt) surface, with:

  • 8inch (dual drive) ;

  • 9inch pneumatic (single drive) setups:

I hardly manage more than:

  • 1100 - 1200W peak power.

I weight 93kg. That might be 180lbs or so.

For cruising, usually no more than:

  • 400-600W is consumed.

Yesterday I got to about 750W when going almost max speed (~35-40kph / ~22mph)

I imagine going over 40kph might require more than 1kw…

Also, a side note, I still live in the ‘old world’ and doesnt have vesc on either of the boards. So the wattmeter might not be 100% accurate but i believe max deviation should be in 10% range

I understand there should be some vesc overlay topics but i wanted to create this one to once again collect some more data and maybe to show that not always 3kw of power is needed

Battery wise ive got 2.9 kw capable battery (dual drive) and 1.3 kw (single drive)


Dueal 90mm hub motors from diyeboard. Dual VESC 4.12 Maytech BLDC Sensorless.

Motor max 50A / Motor min -50A Battery max 30A / Battery min -6

10s3p Samsung 30Q battery

Top speed around 40Km/h. Nice Torque. Rider weight 76Kg. Cruising at high speed (for my board) between 400-700W (total for both motors). Peak power during fast accelleration 1500-1600W.

Nice Thread!

Edit: we should also add the battery type.


To find the real world answer you need to plug a watt meter in-line with your battery and then monitor it during a full pull…obviously fat poeple will get higher numbers, lol


Interesting numbers.

I guess vesc might be able to deliver more power quicker than the chinese dual esc or ‘tuned down’ 6s car esc.

As about battery. For dual config ive got 10s4p Sony VTC 4 cells.

Theorethical max power ~2.9kw = (~80A x 36v)

For my single drive ive got 6s6p Sanyo GA.

Theorethical max power ~1300W = (60A X 21.6v)

Will probably try to update my original post with battery info

@squishy654 ive got inline wattmeter on both setups. That is my data source.


15/32 107mm Superfly 10S4P dual 6374 on ackmaniac w/ various watt limits.

I always draw the max wattage set when accelerating. 900W limit = draw 900W. 1700W limit = draw 1700W

If I reduce the throttle, it reduces watts drawn, but if I’m out for fun I’m usually gunning it.


What trucks you running to fit dual 6374’s?

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These Work. collections/longboard-trucks/products/torqueboards-218mm-trucks

1 Like <-- old post but my new data looks roughly the same Can see some blips in voltage where my second battery is disconnecting some… need to spread the xt-90 connectors on that one a bit so it’s a tighter fit. Not causing significant issues but not ideal. In general about 400-600W range most of the time. I’m on “normal” mode in the metr options which is 20A at battery and 40A at motor peak. I weigh about 115lbs and riding flat land around Chicago.

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I run single TB 6374 190KV (BLDC Sensorless), TB Vesc 4, and 2x6s Graphine Lipo batteries,15/40 15mm Drivetrain. 60 Motor max -45 motor min 35 Bat Max -20 Bat Min I’m 55 KG.

I max at around 1100 Watts when powering up a steep hill or around 1000 when accelerating hard. When cruising, I average around 500 Watts. Not Sure about my wattage at max speed, would have to test that on my next ride…

TB218s 1010

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85kg with gear

Dual 12S8P motor max 80A max 192kv 15/36 97mm : normal riding 2500 watts (1250 each) 3500watts (1750 each) when i need more (there are these days)

Dual 12S4P motor max 80A 170kv 16/62 175mm street pneumatics: 3000 watts (1500 each) no higher mode as the board becomes too unstable at speed

Dual 13S7P motor max 100A 170kv 10/50 200mm pneumatics (Offroad): 3500 watts (1750 each) could deal with more but for now it’s fine Offrod motor max is more important because most of the time you are not near max speed.


i can confirm.

150KG rider with dual 6374 motors on dual focbox and 12s. Cruising only uses a few hundred watts but going up some of the larger hills in our area fast i can use ~2000W.

Even at my weight my board really accelerates quickly and I cant go to full throttle for more than a second or so before it starts to get to much. During some abusive testing in a car-park doing full throttle acceleration from standstill in FOC I have managed to pull around 5500W peak. Its genuinely terrifying and no normal person needs this much power.


What watt meter are you using that can handle this much amperage?

There’s some on eBay rated for 150a at 60v

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10 char

That thing must be so freaking rowdy. I’m running a single and it too me a month or so to finally get used to it.

Dual 6374 on 12s6p FocBox. 15/36 on 107mm. I weigh around 180lbs

I’ve managed to pull almost 5000w battery and 7000w motor from a rolling start. It Makes me wish I had bindings. Cruising varies but at roughly 33mph I’ll consume about 1500w.

I only run one BT module so I just double the necessary values to get total output.


How did you jump to 18 mph in the middle there? Thought at first might have just been a GPS glitch but having a hard time understanding the path from the data.

i dont know my readings while cruising but on a ride my peak wattage is ~1700 with ~59 peak amp draw. running 2x4s zippy batteries in series with 2x 6355 260kv sk3 motors

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Sometimes it glitches