How much A for a two motor setup (10s8p)

Hello, I’m alex from Germany and I’m a bit confused. I will make a battery 10s8p (panasonic ncr18650b) with a max discharge current of 52 Amps (bms max discharge current of 60A) I will use two 6355 motors (2400W 230kv maxA 60A) from alienpowersystem. Also I use two vesc from maytech with a max current of 50A. Now my question, do I need a battery with a max discharge of 50A or 100A to power the two vesc with the motors on it? Thanks! Akex

No, you dont need a battery with a Max discharge of over 50A discharge. Its recommended thouht… The 50A is the max the vesc can take, it doesnt have a limit for how low it can take :slight_smile:

Do not trust max motor ratings, my motor is rated up to 3000W but maxes out at 1600W

Yes I agree but thr motors from alienpowersystem are pretty good

@FredrikHems Sure but I don’t know If the motors get enought amps😅

100A, every VESC on max. discharge will draw about 50A for peak limits, also if you have an 10S8P packs will the max discharge current not much.

why did you choose those cells?

the ncr18650b are rated at 2C which means like 6,2 Amps per Cell, this multiplied by 8 because of the paralel wiring will be summa about 50A continous discharge current! this ist not very much, i used the sony vtc5 and they have about 30A per Cell at 3P it is about 90A cont!

add: also, using a bms with that discharge current is a bad idea, becaus amp peak spikes could be much larger than the bms can handle! only use the bms for charging, not for discharging.

@Acidfie I choosed the cells because of the 3400mAh but forget to check the max dicharge current, very dumb. I will change to some other cells to reach the 100 Amps. Thanks for your reply Alex

@Acidfie What should I do with the bms, no bms? A Li-Ion charger?

well, theoretically you’ll need 100A. it is like @Acido said, never trust motor specifications.

someone had a table a few days ago, which current is realistically drawn cont. it was about 30-40A but i am not sure if 1 motor or 2. you could be safe with 52 discharge.

better look for some cells with about 10A if you are using 8P, which is fucking much capaticity.

you’ll need a bms for balancing the cells, you can get pretty cheap ones from china at ebay, just search for “BMS 10S 40A” -they cost around 10-20€ but they will do the trick! just be sure to connect them correctly. i have one bms lying around here, just dm me, bin auch aus D :wink:

You’ll need a CCCV charger, there you’ll be at about 30-50€, its not that expensive!

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You could also use LiPo cells than will 1P be fine :wink:

@e.board_solutions Hm I don’t know, if I use LiPo I really don’t have much mAh

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For an 8P pack try to use Samsung 35E or Samsung 30Q or Panasonic PF cells


What size of board are you putting these cells in?

If you’re looking at using Panasonic cells I’d recommend these ones, they should work really well in a battery that size

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Thanks! I will check them out

I will make a pintail with a lenght of 110cm x 23cm

Thank you, I will check them out!

80 batteries is quite a few for a110cm pintail. I’d go with the higher output cell recommendations so you can lower the price count. Check out some other build logs to see other users setups

I would make the battery very flat, so it has a lenght of 40cm, is this to long?

Depends if your board flexes or not