How much over budget did you go?

I started out trying to build a board that was cheaper and better than a boosted board at around $1000 total. I’m pretty sure i’m well over $2000 by now in tools, parts,wood, and random little shit. The worst part is there is no end in sight because this is fun as hell. What’s everyone elses story?


Holy crap, $2000? What did you buy exactly? D:

I planned a build for around $700, but I am stepping into $900 territory.

Ahh yes…

Addicting as hell

Just think of how much less you have to spend on your second build since you have extra stuff


Vanguard flex deck = $230 Dual tb 120a esc = $240 Dual motors = $220 Trucks and mounts =$200 Controler = $50 Bern helmet = $50 Wood for abs heater = $120 Abs sheets x2 = $40 Lipos = $100 Sbec = $30

Misc bolts and metal = $50 Shipping ( sum total) = $300 Misc tools (hex, torx, sockets) = $100

I bought everything lol. I have a problem. You’re right though, second build can be done for a few hundred total!

I’m at about $2000 considering everything as well :stuck_out_tongue: Over budget by $500ish

As much as a new gaming PC running an X99 motherboard with a i7-6800K and the price of the GTX 1080 FE.


Im a tech enthuisiast too which makes it so hard. Why are all my hobbies so expensive.

They just get more and more expensive. Next thing on the list is the car, then house, then kids…


I started with a 500 budget and ended at about 600. Thing is, I did a single motor with 6s 5000mah and a 150A ESC. Pretty simple stuff. Already had my deck and every tool I would need to put things together. My only failures were with batteries, I managed to ruin 2 sets.

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Only the cool hobbies are expensive lol

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I wanted to get $1200 AUD and I would’ve if I hadn’t made a few mistakes. I ended up getting around $1400 AUD. My next build should be around $1100 AUD

my budget was $800, I’m currently at $1200. I paid $60 for wheel that were $26 elsewhere, bought a paris truck when I needed a caliber, so I had to buy a new caliber as well. Bought a dwp that I wasn’t comfortable with, so I had to buy another, then found better pulleys from a factory for a 5th of the cost, my @chaka vesc was fried last night after 2 months of waiting, we’ll see how long it is before I can send it in for repair. I bought a $60 on/off switch that I didn’t need…I’m sure there’s more that I wasted money on that I can’t think of. Super rough first build, I’ve been waiting to ride it since March :confused:


Did the Ollin vesc break from user error or error by Ollin?

Kids are by far the most expensive out of your list

is there a such thing as Ollin error? this was definitely “user” error. roommates friend plugged in my battery backwards. thank the lord it was just a 4s, I haven’t soldered my batteries together into a 12s config yet. I’m sure that would’ve been a disaster.

edit: I should mention that just last year this same guy spent 8 months getting at least 70% of his skin grafted in the hospital because he accidentally lit himself on fire in his garage with some combo of gasoline+cigarette. Nobody touches my board from now on, especially not this guy.


2 months ? He told me that their lead time on vesc’s was 2 weeks. I ordered a pair of them 2 weeks ago and thinking they would arrive any day now.

Let me get you an exact time. Hold on

I placed my order on June 10th, it arrived two days ago, so 1.5 months. I should also mention that I was told 2 weekd initially, then 2 weeks again when I inquired, then it took two more weeks after that for it to arrive.

I meant Ollin error as in manufacturing fault. I don’t think @chaka makes many mistakes with his VESCs.

Sounds like your roommates friend is missing a few brain cells.

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