How should I arrange my batteries on my aluminium board? SOLVED

Hey, guys. So for my first build, I already have my mechanical parts, motor, and VESC ordered. My only problem is my battery. I need a 10s battery to go with my DIY 6355 motor (230kv, 2650 watt, 12s max, 80 amp max). I wanted a 10,000mAh battery but am willing to go down to 6,000mAh because of a little issue. My deck is a little special.

I’m using a Beercan board, the Kegger 40" DTP to be exact. This thing is amazing but the one drawback is…

  • It has a rail truck mounting system underneath which means the batteries can’t be just strapped anywhere underneath.

I was thinking of putting two ZIPPY 4000mAh 10S batteries in parallel or two ZIPPY F8000mAh 5S batteries in series, but the issue is that if I just stick them under my board I have to put them in “on its side” which causes the batteries to jut out and I’m worried about clearance. I wanted to build my enclosure so that it would go lengthwise down the board over the “rails”. Are there any other options?

The dimensions of the batteries…

How do I arrange my batteries?

diagram for reference

another angle

Why you can’t drill aluminium?

Why can’t you drill aluminum?

I guess I could, but I don’t have many tools and the cheap drill and bits I have won’t work on aluminium. How should I drill my board to make it work? I’ll edit my post.

My main concern is clearance. Let’s say I go with the two ZIPPY 4000mAh 10S batteries and lay them down on their side. They would lay on their 44mm side which is less than 2 inches(50.8mm) so they would fit in between the rails but they would stick out 66mm. I’m using TorqueBoards v2 Pro Trucks So I’m unsure of high they are. My board also has a drop down frame so the battery would mount about 10mm lower than my trucks.

Diagram of battery height

You could make a flat pack

Hit me up for custom battery solutions.

I can make you Lipo Flatpacks Or liion packs.

I have a brand new 12s flatpack lipo on hand, i can add a BMS and charger with on/ off switch

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What is a flat pack and how do I make one?

You can make a custom pack that could fit my dimensions?

Yes i make custom packs. A flat pack is a lipo pack that is gutted out and put back together in flat orientation. I’ve built many packs for people on this forum without a bit of duct tape in them lol

Awesome, Do you think you could make one that is 10s with a capacity 6,000 to 10,000 and less than 2 inches wide?

that is a heavy request but…

With lipo i need at least 2.5 inches. EDIT- i can order a lipo battery that would allow for less than 2 inches. quality is questionable though. It would need a bms to ensure longevity

Lion i can work with 2 inches as long as you have enough length. how much length am i working with?

Even with the entire 21.5 inches. i can only make a 8s3p pack. youre prob gonna have to go with Lipo

Interesting issue, I have the Oat soda board. I’m going with bigger wheels to solve the same issue.

I think you can use 26650 cells they’re shorter than 2inches I think…

That’s also an awesome board. I’m using 83mm wheels, which is pretty standard for Eboards but pretty big for me and what I usually board on. What battery are you using?

According to this build which is a12S3P battery using 26650 cells, which is almost exactly the same voltage as a 10SLiPo(37V), it would not work. The length of the 26650 cells is 65mm(2.5 inches) which is half an inch to long. Thanks for the help though.


Oh okay my bad I wasn’t sure about the dimensions.

I haven’t 100% decided yet. I want to get the wheels and trucks sorted then I can work out what ground clearance I have to work with.

This is my deck

How does quality become an issue with less than 2 inches? I would consider a BMS but I am not to knowledgeable about how to set up a BMS. That would be another thing I would need to fit under the board, Are they big?

The only brand of lipo I know that is less than 2 inches wide is a decent quality brand. You have to take care of them for it to work properly and a BMS would insure long life

BMS bigger than 2 inches but it’s still small