How to control acceleration?

On a lot of the prr-built boards there is a “beginners” mode. That is essential where when you activate the trigger/switch/button fully (meaning full throw/pull) the acceleration is gradual, I assume over a 20 to 30 second period. Is this possible with a VESC or standard ESC like the FTV 120 or Mamba Monster 2?

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In most cases you can start by limiting motor amps. This will limit how many amps the motor can possibly pull creating a slower acceleration. You can also tweak the acceleration curve but I do not have much experience with that but plenty of users can help with that.

I’ve played with the acceleration curve in the Mamba Monster 2 but I don’t remember a AMP setting. I’ll go look and see.

There is this thing called ‘‘throttle ramp control’’… It was mentioned in Arduino thread…

Though, one guy who made it, has not shared a lot of info about it on the forum…

That is a bit disappointing, as I think it would be vastly useful for a lot of ppl…

In short… It would allow to set how quickly acceleration is gained - increased, without interfering with the esc. You would connect this module after the receiver, right between receiver and esc…

The guy who had built it, had 3 or so modes for it already… it involved some tinkering but Im sure someone could go ahead and make a simpler, kit module to sell / share.

see this:

Search ‘’ throttle ramping ‘’

Here’s the post / thread where it is discussed:

– If you are handy with arduino, perhaps you can make something up that regulates/ shapes the signal from the remote…

So you mean putting an additional module between the receiver and ESC, which only does ramping for the ppm control signal?

Pretty easy thing to make, but to give the user some kind of control what kind of ramping aggressiveness they want is really the bothersome part. And then you want to give both acceleration and deceleration their own ramps.

Yep, it is for ppm signal.

Author of the module also mentioned that it is a bit hard to dial in the correct settings and that some interface should be made.

I think @EssEnn was also asking questions and asked if it was possible to adjust the timing/ramps with a simple potentiometer. Though, it seems it never made out to a more productive discussion but I do hope this topic does surface once more… since there are still a lot of esc’s which are not very ‘‘user friendly’’ or also… you need to adjust speed/acc modes on the go (to give it other ppl) - not depending on what esc you use :slight_smile:

Not quite sure, but I remembered seeing something like this at hobbyking:

Not sure if it would work the same, but for off the shelf product.

Cool! Did not know such thing was available!

Is there anyone who would be willing to try this out?

Including @mmaner

Here’s what it does:

One potentiometer sets the down transition time for all outputs another sets the up time & the third can reverse one output, to cater for physically mirrored servos.

But more info on the topic and is this somewhat useful for us… would be great

I just bought one and should be with my in 3-4 days time. I’ll give it a test and see how it works.

I have had to put my Arduino project to one side, way too much going on at work right now that needs my attention. I’ll pick it back up when things have calmed down in the new year.

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I appreciate all the input. @EssEnn let me know how it goea, I’d really like to implement this for my kid. I’ll post if I find anything else.

this keeps coming up recently. I have arduinos, servos right in front of me…lets see how far i get before i get distracted…

If we’re looking for the simplest option for a beginner mode the benchwheel remote has a 50% max throttle function which works quite well with beginners

Also. There is a new BLDC tool that offers throttle curve control. It can achieve a similar result.

@saul Im looking forward to what you come up with. @Luke I have been trying to get a benchwell remote, they are currently out of stock. I’ll try that when I can get one. @onloop I assume that is a VESC tool? Would you mind linking to the info?

This thread here:

Here’s one available in the US, and what Ill prolly get depending on the results @EssEnn gets.

I got the email this afternoon saying it had shipped so it should be with me tomorrow with any luck otherwise Wednesday. ,

the way i did what you are speaking of is i set my max amps to 40 and my motor is rated for 60 amp max pull. this gives a slow acceleration to help new riders. im using a sk3 5055

Has anyone invented a way to adjust the parameters using an app or so? Im not very knowing about the vesc… but just wanted to make sure is it possible or not…