How to make Bluetooth module? and make it work?

Got the Bluetooth module and wire adapter but couldn’t find a thread on how to put one together… so how do I put one together :joy:

look at the pins on the backside of the bluetooth they should be labled on the silk screen…

connect the tx and rx 5v and gnd. to the same pins on your vesc/focbox uart port… which are either labeled on the case or on the silk screen

I see the txd , rxd, god, but no 5v on the module in the pic

while on this topic, if running dual focbox’s, is a bluetooth module needed for each?

use vcc instead of 5v

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vcc :wink:

One module, both connect via canbus

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Dju trim the prongs on the bt module? Also I’m soldering to which side?the prongs or the pins?

or desolder them…


nico shows you exactly how to wire.

I used 3pin servo cables to connect to the bt module and spliced to jst connector

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Ok but what do I do with “sck/adci” and “3.3v” ? And miso/adc2 not being connected doesn’t matter ya?

correct, aside from the 4 wires specified in the instructions, the other wires are not needed

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What the easiest way to solder the wires ? To clip the pins or desolder them and solder to the pads?

I didn’t solder directly to the module.

like I said, used a 3pin servo wire to connect to module, then spliced servo wire to jst


Soldered up but how do I connect to it with an iPhone Vesc vision ya?

  1. Make the module: Foxbox side -> Bluetooth module Tx -> Rx Rx -> Tx GND -> GND 5V -> VCC

Notice: Tx and Rx are crossed over and switched I soldered directly onto the pins and heat shrinked everything. You can do it however you want since you aren’t dealing with high current.

Once your module is connected to the focbox, open up your esc tool or bldc tool and connect to the focbox Go to app settings tab and select [PPM and UART] Go to UART tab on the left and make sure baudrate is set to 9600bps

Download ACKMANIAC-ESC Monitor from app store and open it and turn on your board in the app you should see a bluetooth device called HMSoft or something similar.


iv the bt module soldered altough i soldered tx-tx and rx-rx first and turned it on got a soid red light…but no connection to the vesc vision app so i cheked and realised i needed to switch them to tx-rx and rx-tx now when i turn it on its flashing red instead of solid and still no connection to vesc vision… im using iphone and ackmaniac-esc monitor doesnt show up in the app store

Don’t use vesc vision

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what should i use the ackmaniac one isnt on the itunes app store…man i hate iphones lol

Have you configured your ppm and uart on the computer?

ya baud 9600 and ppm and uart selected