How to make motor mounting bracket for Dr Tongue Truck

Hey. I make custom boards and have my own brand of trucks too. I wanted to know if the mounting bracket could be milled to fit my trucks (is this something you can do for me?). Or would they fit? What would you need to see to be able to tell me please? Cheers

Send me some good pics of the hanger and I’ll let you know! What are the dimensions of your truck?

Ok awesome thanks. If these don’t cut it, let me know. Thanks heaps.

Looks like rebranded revenge trucks…

They’re almost the same. Minor mods for the bushing seating and better hanger reinforcement, but yes, very similar.

Good on yeah. Loved my old revenge trucks, fun with broken tabs/stops until the kingpin snapped on me. Would recommend you upgrade to a higher grade for this piece of the truck. Good luck with the bracket.

Nuclear pickle trucks. The first things I notice are they are perfectly round and the three supports taper down nearly to the ends of the hanger. I haven’t tried to mount my motor mount to round hangers because shapes are better to eliminate spinning/torquing. Not saying I couldn’t do it, just not sure it would work well. A welded mount would be a better option.

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Yeah Revenge are pretty awesome. Ill definitely take the kingpin into account thanks. I haven’t had anything go wrong so far on me (Im 120KGs so can push them pretty hard). Let me know if you ever need a set. Id love to get a mounting bracket to fit them so I can make the ultimate causing/carving machine! Cheers.

Ok cool thanks. Id like to avoid welded at all costs. Perhaps the tapered supports could be used to prevent torquing?

PS Whats nuclear pickle trucks?

The originators of that specific design were called nuclear pickle.

I’m really old so I’ve seen them all. -Crusty emoji-

what material are the trucks made from?

If you’d like to send me a hanger I’d be down to try making a clamp for you. Pm me!

Hey mate. Got it on Nucler Pickle. I had a look. Thats old school cool! Yeah Im down for that. I can send a couple over for you to have a play with if you like? How would we do it? Where do I send it? How should we manage payment/exchange?