Hoyt St Pocket Rocket Motors

How bout a clue. Do u know what mags they use or any pics. What lam thickness.

Saw somewhere they’re made by kde direct


Then again they could be made by anyone n use lame components. Seems surprising they don’t explain the price and what the parts are

From their site they use 0.2mm Japanese steel lamination’s and n45uh magnets. There’s a video series comparing it to t series and dji motors

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“Uh” magnets. I thought “sh” was a good enough temp ability. Seems overkill for our use but the .2mm is nice

Oh good that explains it. I knew I recognized those motors from somewhere, their can looks identical besides the rear cutouts.

I had some dealings with KDE. Wanted some motors made for a project. Asked if they had anything available, and they said they were already producing skateboard motors but couldn’t share that design.

They couldn’t give me anything useful to work with after they asked me to design the motor myself (totally rediculous, not gonna do their work). For whatever reason they couldn’t give me ANY useful information about their design capabilities or components kept in stock so that I could actually design a motor to be produced by them. So they lost my business.

Bloody expensive too, and they couldn’t justify the price to me besides “they’re quality,” lol okay buddy

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Similar but no cigar mate. They are completely different motors. I thought that but a member put me straight when we did a pic comparison via pm. They are what they say they are but just too expensive.

I’m not saying they are the same. I’m saying these work and I have a sharpie


Never thought of that.

I’m sure you could use the money you save and get a powdercoating gun. Do it proper!


$400!!! that is a huge markup for these little motors since they are obviously made at the same factory as the turnigy motors. The community is way too informed to get away with prices like these.

This community is but there are others lol They actually swear blind the factory is stateside though hence the pricing probably. I’d be fine with that price if they were great big monsters but those little bitty things would die trying to push me around.


That’s f%$ked up if true! I know for a fact that they source their goods from China.

@sofu mentioned something about those expensive motors here:

way too expensive, their deck, enclosure and battery system and even belt tensioning is very interesting, but that motor and remote is just not for many of us, definitely not at that price.

If there were made in the USA they would state it on their product page, instead they use the phrase, “designed and engineered in Oregon”

I have no love for this type of marketing. You can have these motors made to your specs from sunray. They also make the trampa motors. Ask for Nelson.


They aren’t made in the USA, but oversees. But are designed by a company that builds drones and stuff for the military…


do they have lifetime warranty? :grinning:

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So we are being charged for the fact they use a middleman. Makes sense. Love to see a cracked open one.

Nelson’s great! He’s helped me out a lot, didn’t expect to hear about him here.


For what it’s worth they’re great motors. Been running them for a while with no issues. They do run hot though I’ve been told they’re supposed to. $200 tho… :grimacing: