Hoyt St Pocket Rocket Motors

Do they run great with no issues or do they run hot?

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Each* Lolz yeah. Hard price to swallow. I’d rather buy a box of maytechs


Want to lump some of those hypothetical maytechs in with that Unity when you ship it…? :rofl: missed that gb by 2 weeks :joy::sob:

I need my maytechs lol

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I say no issues cause I’m told the heat isn’t an issue… 90 degrees is the highest I’ve clocked them at, but I was told to set motor temp cutoffs start and stop at 140 and 160 respectively.

So you think they are worth $200? Is that what you paid or did you get them for free?

That’s hard to say to be honest. I don’t think they’re worth $200, but I realize their position because they’re not exactly making much selling it for $200 (I know their baseline cost).

I got them for free even though I wanted to pay for them. I’ve been running them for a few months and giving them feedback on how it runs and what settings I’m running them at

I know what those motors cost also, the actual retail is roughly $100 to $120 if you are only ordering small quantities, 50 to 100 motors. JJ seems like a great guy, I have had the pleasure of corresponding with him a few times but it is hard to overlook such a huge markup.

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Ah that’s not the number they told me, but I may have been mistaken.

Yeah I love them on my board and I’ve tried a few motors, but I’m certainly no expert. I was thinking of getting some more for my upcoming builds actually but I gotta think about it some now…

That’s f%$ked up if true! I know for a fact that they source their goods from Chin

Seems they were created by an american company that manufactured electric motors for the military.

I wish that were true but sadly it is not, maybe it is half true? I know of plenty of Chinese companies that supply motors to various military contractors.

@sofu If you really want skin in the game you should have sunray or brother make a short run of motors to your spec.

The company is based in the US, these motors are actually manufactured in Japan afaik

I don’t actually wanna sell anything :sweat_smile: selling stuff and delivering is tough and I’m way too lazy for that :rofl: I helped get some Metasurf orders back to the US and even that was not my cup of tea… I’d much rather be a consumer like with the recurve I’m waiting on :yum:

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Hate to break it to you but the customer who was going to have you fit out that recurve canceled his order!

Uhhh followed up in PM :grimacing:

Edit: false alarm lol


I believe you mean hoyt shit their gear is expensive


I too was told by an inside source that they aren’t making much on the motors

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So was I. I was talking with Edwin and Jonner.


Name dropper


I can drop some more names if you’d like :kissing_smiling_eyes:Bobby, Lenny, Michael, Little Johnny down at the station, Fred, Gustav, Steve…