HUB MOTOR Extreme sale! I make no profit and offer lifetime warranty

I have about 20 hub motors left and the typical business model is out the window as I want to raise money for metal molds for a high heat nitrile rubber instead of the polyurethane I’ve been pouring. Car tire rubber in 80 duro! This is a steal concidering the work I put in and the cost to me of 75$ each motor before taxes, shipping to me, PayPal to the manufacturer, mold making, wheel rubber buying and pouring, and very expensive retaining fluid and high heat epoxy that I use mounting them and the cost of the real Paris trucks. If you do the math you’ll find I might even be losing money not even speaking of my time. These are expensive motors because they are machined steel bells with a single steel ring closure and fat bearings not aluminum and tiny screws. the motors are locked closed and rattle-free and there is a removable flange for replacing the rubber. If you’re not familiar with the design please check it out on the site. They are built to last forever and I offer a lifetime warranty on the steel version

I’m selling pairs of aluminum motors for 200$ with a pair of Paris black 195 trucks or the all steel version for 250$ also with a pair of the 195 Paris trucks.

I won’t sell singles.

If you PayPal me at humminashadeeba@gmail the amount (friends and family please) I can have them shipped in less than a week with a set of the old polyurethane I’ve been using so far…and the better 80duro car tire rubber at a very fair price in the future.

Shipping in continental USA is 20$ but beyond that add 60$ and ill refund the difference.


how does the current urethane compare?

Not trying to tell you how to run your business, but why not sell singles? I think a bunch of people would be on board right away…

polyurethane that is as soft as a skate wheel deteriorates and looses it’s mechanical properties at about 160f. that’s all 80 or 90 euro polyurethane. I didn’t know better and now I do. Nitrile rubber has to be pressed into a mold with a hydraulic press at 350f and can sustain temps of 250 or 300 for hydrogenated nitrile which I’ll also be getting samples of. car tires use a lot of it and it’s durable stuff. I use it and it’s good for hundreds of miles if you don’t overly cook it. if you cook it then it doesn’t last. hopefully someone else can tell how they’ve been doing with it

way too hot, way too fast.

I could barely run a single with light riding and I weigh just over 140lbs

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I yes the single will get way too hot that’s why I don’t sell them, two together though I have no problems crushing everything in san francisco and I’m 155. Hopefully someone can also verify these are good as a pair.

damn i’m putting things here when it was a private message.

haven’t ridden it yet, because my second VESC just came in two days ago.

check out the build thread I created a few minutes ago, and you’ll see what I have planned. It should be running tomorrow afternoon!!

cool I look forward to hearing how you do on two. one sucks!

This is a killer sale! What would you suggest for those that are around 230lbs? Are hub motors a realistic option or should I stick to belts and pulleys?

230 is a lot. If ur just doing flats u should be ok. Depends what u want to do.

I wonder if inboard is going to have any issues considering there will be a ton of people who are over 180LBS+.

@anorak234 - Single isn’t ideal especially for hub motors. It’s a fact that hub motors do get hotter. Unless your limiting speed to be much slower. I don’t recommend single hub motors setups either. You’ll end up burning a motor out due to the heat and with that said… might as well buy a dual.

I’m dying to read reviews of all the little hub motors on Kickstarter. I suspect they’re saying Oo shit and trying to come up with something that can last past the length of their ad video. Even if they keep it all with little power I think the rubber will be an issue with all of them as polyurethane can’t handle heat and doing hills will be a problem. You could add a harder core that can handle the heat better but even that’s not ideal and would risk separating. Nitrile rubber or even hydrogenated nitrile defiantely can handle it and has great abrasion and tensile strength and can be 80 duro. Little car tires. I’m tempted to do little treads.

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Help me help you. I’m not here to make money but get the best things made possible. I tell all the ingredients, the manufacturing costs, and offer a lifetime warranty. who else does that? I lose money on this as it all goes back into making molds for better rubber. What other hub motors even use nitrile rubber!? see through the smoke and marketing, I offer effectively a direct connection to the manufacturer on the most robust design you will come across. not aluminum in these and the ingredients are equivalent to motors that cost over 4 times the price that are just standard outrunners. N45sh mags, single strand windings, and .2mm lams, and a .4mm airgap with a thick solid steel flux ring rotor and NSK bearings that are rated for greater load than anything else I’ve come across


@Hummie I already have your aluminum ones, and they ride quite nice. Haven’t gotten many miles on them yet, but so far, so good. I’m sure you already know my intentions to pick up your steel hubs, so you can put me down for a set of the steel ones with trucks. Just gotta raise some more funds in the next month or so. I want to go 4wd for fun and science.


ok. are you riding on 12s and vescs? I find it makse a big difference in power and speed and being nice quiet and smooth. I was riding on 8s for a day and lackluster.

@Hummie I’m on 12s Multistars with Torqueboards 12s ESC’s. They’re on my short board, so I haven’t pushed the top speed limit too much, but they seem to easily get me up to 25+mph. I first tried them on 6s and almost fell asleep going so slow. Lol

I want to try VESC’s on FOC soon, but between the additional setup involved, and my fear of frying them accidentally, I’m sticking with the old tried and true 12s car ESC’s for now.

OK, I want to support these efforts and will try a set of the steel!

thanks caustin. Helping us move forward

Mobutusan if u come in to SF come by and try it!

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Sorry people I didn’t include shipping in the price. Whatever it is has to be added. 20 anywhere in continental us and the other places…it depends and I prefer to get 60$ more and then if there’s extra I can return. “Friends and famil” please or they suck me

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