Hummie Based Build - respect

Yes, plan will be Velcro battery but will be appliying some additional strain relief to compensate for any board flex. I have some concepts and will provide pict once installed. I am going to add additional thermal mass the the Focbox to help better dissipate heat…not decided how I will attach. My idea is to pair the Focbox up on a single aluminum plate with thermal grease. These will be mounted solid to the plate and then the plate prob attached with industrial Velcro.

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Battery looks like a good fit. Was thinking of picking up his 12s5p. Gotta order my deck first tho. Enclosure looks great. Did it come with the holes for the power switch and battery meter precut?

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When I order from @psychotiller he mounted for me free of charge as I got the enclosure and battery at the same time.


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I had planed on doing the same. Just ordered my deck. Tying to decide between 4p and 5p. I have the cnc focbox case so I don’t really need room in the enclosure. Yours looks great.

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Where did you source the gaskets? I’d like to waterproof my build as well!

How difficult was the routing process? What did you use tool/bit wise? I’m finding out that I’ll have to do the same to squeeze a pack in mine. The pack is double stacked too so I’m thinking kydex for an enclosure…not too sure yet


I got the gasket material at home depot its called marine gasket…found in the window section.

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Okay cool thanks for that. Will look for it at the local hardware store!

Routing was straight forward and easy used a straight small router bit and adjusted length to cavity depth, just take it slow and don’t force it.


You could always use a small circular saw. (Small cordless is ideal) set to depth and use a guide. You can use a sharp chisel to pare off the strips and sort the ends.


What portion did you open up? Curious since I received the deck not too long ago and was looking at a battery from Psychotiller as well.

I had to open up the width of approx 1/4" to fit the 12s4p flat pack.

Lol I got the NESE Modules for my battery and had to route the cutout to like 190mm x 625mm, or real close to that, I don’t want to measure again, but it still holds up fine when I stand on it. Thing is sturdy, :smile:15337858497431192760076771994032

That was free hand, think it turned out pretty square!


Nice… this is my pack …routed to 150mm width. image

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Nicely done :slight_smile:

If you have fish paper I would line the cutout…

I used the Tiller Arc2 enclosure what are your plans?

Nice. So you routed approximately 1/8" from each side to fit the width of the battery?

I don’t have access to a router or many tools here in Manahattan so I’ll have to look into taking it to someone to take care of that for me.

I’m going to line it, I still want to clean up the cutout some more though. I’m gonna make a custom fiberglass enclosure :smile: