Hummie deck finally up

yeah but even that price for just the deck is insane

It’s gel coatef al the way through… Ofc it’s scratchable but not as much as an abs enclosures…

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I believe it is. But hoping it’s not :smiley:

I don’t get it. The deck was 125usd in the past. Now its cheaper?! @Hummie you said before its going to be around 350usd with the enclosure on kickstarter!?

And speaking of kickstarter… now its indiegogo?

And John Murphy = Humina Shadeeba = Hummie

I am confused :upside_down_face:

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can you fit 10s5p with dual fk-boxes? or even 10s6p :smiley: :smiley:

And would Is it alright for EU peeps to buy?

And the biggest question is that 110usd for deck+ enclosure.

No bms? Should fit. I removed a bit material and running 10s5p hcxd221 dual focboxes

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@Hummie please tell us -if the deck really come with the enclosure at this price ??
-is it single stack or double stack enclosure that come with the deck ?? Thanks !!

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also could you link this on the other forum

theres a screw up on it. the deck is 110 and the mounted enclosure is 110 as well. 220 plus shipping for both

I hope no one understood it otherwise.


Well, this should be fixed then, because I was confused.


yea sorry about that. fixed now. not quite that good a deal!

I just this second pulled this off the perk page:


just this second fixed

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Excellent. Now, since I supported at the $110 level thinking it included the enclosure, how do I go about paying the additional $110 to get the enclosure as well? If I submit a $110 donation can you update my perk to the board+enclosure?

id just do the new button for both and I can refund you at the end for the bad button. just tell me at the end

I did the same as well. :sob:

So I order the $220, then I get a refund for the $140 (enclosure and shipping). @Hummie

yea we can work it later and i’ll just refund you.

@Hummie I’ll work mine out with you later on in the future. I paid for the deck and then paid for the enclosure. $35 shipping on the deck and then charged $30 again on shipping for the enclosure. And I’ll be picking it up locally. Thanks for what you do.

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@Hummie why no shipping to Switzerland available!? :sob:

let me look into shipping options and we can figure it as long as you pay it

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