Hummie deck finally up

Does anyone make a large battery that fits the enclosure without much modification? What size would it be?

Can any pro battery builders confirm that they can build a flexible single stack 12s4p battery with BMS that will fit Hummie’s board and enclosure, along with a Unity controller? All the pics I’ve seen are people’s self-made packs.

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the separate p group pcbs are nice and some people sell those already assembled. I also have single pcbs with cells on that you can pick up locally in san Francisco but im not shipping them at this point image

these flex. or i could send you cells with the tabs on and you can solder those onto the board. image


Passed you along Clement the other day, awesome to see these boards come up for sale.

How much would a battery + deck + enclosure be, if you have an idea?

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best you dm me and you can see what i have and we figure it

Whats the biggest size battery you could fit in here with esc and bms all in there?

Depends on the bms n escs. Best to look at what others have fit


my hummie deck contains a 12s4p battery, unity and a (small) charge only bms.


Any option to ship to Australia.

@Movation I’ll get the shipping costs up Tonight to Australia and everywhere else been lagging.

@StupidDumbFox aha I remember now! The board and enclose is cheap since u wouldn’t have to pay shipping, hum I’ll see how to get that option up, I have one battery left with 30q that are used but still have tons of life on the two pcbs u can have for 180.

international shipping is up as well as local pick up @StupidDumbFox

@Hummie how much for a deck sent to brisbane australia ?

Like 180$.