Hybrid Mountainboard for Sale - SF Bay Area

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Let me know if you’re interested so we can work out a price. Serious offers only please.


Was this the cross counrty board?

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Yup. Cross-country trip got forked when I realized that my two closest friends have never been out of California, whereas I’ve had the luck of visiting several other continents. We’re now going on a 2 month, 16 country backpacking trip through Europe and I need the funds for food :laughing:. Still got the trailer and the trailer hitch though, so I can do it in college if I want. Also, this way I don’t have to deal with being a minor when State Troopers inevitably pull me over mid-ride.


Wish i could take it off your hands. Its a gorgeous board.

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I’m willing to part out now, need some of these things gone:

All items are used. I will only do transactions over PayPal business for both your safety and mine

Motor mounts from @Idea: 125 usd + shipping from the US, with 4 tensioners (single bearing).

  • They have a few scratches (very minor) and were filed down in the motorshaft area to allow room for protruding C clips

Atom 90 Deck + Trucks + Riptide bushings, + hubs w/ 3D printed gears: 90 usd + shipping from the US

  • true, it doesn’t have the original tires but you don’t want those bc they were shit anyways

BKB motor (needs new C clip) 90usd + shipping

  • Has 1 or two scratches, works just fine. Just needs a new C clip or the existing one bent a little tighter

10s12p battery + MTB case (sticker bombed) + voltage meter + waterproof charger & charge port + buck converter w/ 2 USB ports (iPhone compatible). 350 USD

  • SF Bay Area pickup only because I think shipping this would cost a stupid amount of money and be major hassle

What an INSANE battery deal :drooling_face:

I can’t wait to get all the local deals whenever I move :yum:

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Dammit…why cant they be matrix II mounts. And that battery deal is amazing. Only if i wasnt across the damn country.

Good luck with the sale.

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What kind of battery’s is it using? And why do cheap for a 10s12p

It’s using LGEAMF11865 batteries, and that’s why it’s cheap. This 10S12P would have 26.4ah compared to something like a 10s12p 30Q battery which would have 36ah. These are the same kind of batteries that @squishy654 (get better soon my man!) used in his 100 mile range build

Tires come with the deck bundle?

No, just the hubs and 3d printed gears. Trust me, you wouldn’t have wanted those tires anyways…

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Pm’ing you

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Oh yeah, I had a 10s2p battery I got off of a starkboard and it used those batteries. They have somewhat of a voltage sag but still, this is a hell of a deal, if I’m able to come up with the money after I buy some more stuff to replace in my room, I’ll take it, no promises though

How much range were your getting with the 10s12p?

No idea tbh. The longest I rode was on two of those SF group rides and both times I didn’t have to pay attention to the battery because it’s so massive that it barely sips the surface of its capacity. I never got the chance to run it all the way down.


Thanks! Do you know about how long those rides were?

I’m trying to find on the Bay Area telegram… I’ll let you know when I do. My estimate would be somewhere around 20-25 miles

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Hmm I might grab that battery for my next build

Fair warning - it’s massive :laughing: It’s really only usable for an MTB

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That would be my plan :rofl:

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