I am anti-innovation & here is why

Because @onloop told me so…

I fear that newcomers will read the VESC-X release thread, and only see the baseless claims Enertion made. Practically anything critically constructive in that thread gets put down. Guess it’s easier to sell something when there aren’t any comments (in plain sight) to bring it back down to reality.

Perhaps I’m pessimistic, but I have seen this happen on so many forums coughhead-ficough and I’d hate to see it happen here as well.


Curious of what these are


What are you talking about? I feel totally lost.

He is talking about the new VESC-X, he was questioning enertion’s claims on the other thread. And Jason had asked him to make a seperate thread to keep the other one on topic. So he did.

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I’ll be looking into the most recent changes as well and will start prototyping one as well.

I think the main thing I’d wish is if it was 100% bulletproof and reliable but that will happen until we do even more testing.

I do agree, we’ve all been waiting on the VESC 6.0 and we should be more pro-active in resolving all these issues ourselves.

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So what you are saying is;

  1. You want me to continue to sell the old vesc and never EVER try to make improvements?
  2. what to tell people who have DRV issues OR overheating problems? Should i explain I have some solutions but members of the esk8 forum don’t permit me to offer it?
  3. You want me to sit on my hands and wait to be spoon fed by vedders work?
  4. You don’t want me to use words to explain how products have been improved?

Maybe you would like to explain to the thousands of esk8 builders why you don’t want better products to be made available?


they already are without any sass http://www.ollinboardcompany.com/

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This is too funny. no point in standing still but I am curious why a redesign that was made to help make mass production easier, costs twice the price?

I get development costs but, same firmware, 97% same hardware, just a new board layout…


I think some of the flagging in the main thread is too much and to the point of censorship. But that being said, why not make a new topic and move that discussion there? on either side…

You also can’t tie this once experience back with innovation. There’s plenty of innovators out there, and many different attitudes. What I don’t get in this whole thing is why is everyone so upset over him fixing at least SOME OF the problems we all knew existed? The first few are always a bit more because manufacturers spend more time perfecting their assembling techniques.


Yea we understand that it needs to happen but we would all so like you to take on board the constructive criticism and built it better than hiding all the posts. By taking on board what the customer has to say and building the trust and honour to them. Everyone know that we’ll know saying “customers always right” so if you can start to take in board what people are saying about your products and not hide the negative ones you should be able to rectify the negative by keeping them there and addressing them correctly.

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but there was no constructive criticism offered!!!

LETS BE 100% CLEAR I am more than willing to listen to some thoughtful feedback about this new product, not many folks have bothered to ask many thoughtful questions yet.

here are the 9 hidden posts out of 159, please tell me which of them is useful for the community?.

The VESC-X are the same price if not cheaper than most reputable VESC vendors, not to mention it comes with a custom made CNC aluminum heat sink & molded shockproof cover.

After applying a discount code you can buy the VESC-X for $155USD


No, @onloop, we want you to take constructive feedback from the community without shoving words into our mouths.

Yes, do improve this open source hardware. Do share (with a usable file format, not PDF). But don’t go and charge an extortionate price for this revised tech, lie about BOM costs, then accuse the forum for being anti-innovative as a way to paint yourself as a Martyr.

I’m getting sick of this ‘either you’re with me, or you’re against innovation’ preaching.

P.S. And this didn’t start with the VESC-X

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dude, you are making this worse.

you are literally making things up now

Chaka offers a well built VESC 4.12 that comes with a 2 year warranty from the get go. No need to tak on a warranty plan for 39$.

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I am not forcing anyone to buy anything from anyone one…

people can do what they like.

ALSO, when using this forum please try to be civil & reasonable, if you can’t do that step away from the keyboard.

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Let’s start there


I’ll say it again, please try to be reasonable for once. You are being a tad childish.

So, you believe the vesc-x is cheaper to manufacture than the old vesc because someone random person quoted the price of some MOSFETs & capacitors? and this “evidence” is justification to call me a liar?

Firstly, let me say that unless this random person knows the exact qty of each component purchased & the exact supplier of each part I purchased it from he cannot know the cost & you are a fool for using it as a basis for your attack. Furthermore, he would also need to know the cost of assembly labor & testing labor. Finally, it’s fairly obvious that the VESC-X will cost more because it has a CNC heat sink & shockproof molded case which didn’t have to be made for the old VESC.

This is just pointless, nothing i say will change your mind so please just stop.


Welcome to the enertion forums lol. Honestly dude, it’s not worth the trouble.There are a lot of loyal enertion followers on this forum because they been buying products from him since 2014, and they well always censor you. I told Jason to stay off the forums, but he doesn’t get it. Arguing with his customers on a public forum makes his company look so bad, but he doesn’t seem to care. He is like Russel Crowe on that Southpark episode where he goes around the world picking fights with random people. His company would be doing so much better if he would just ignore all the comments on his forum and just sell his product. Just look at Evolve. You don’t see the owner of Evolve on this forum arguing with every negative comment about his product, and their boards are always back ordered.


@onloop I have a very very very constructive feedback:

  1. You are not providing PCB source files, but you must because of CC license. I want to order PCB’s at oshpark and buy all components myself because it will be twice cheaper. But you are greedy and want everyone to buy from you.

  2. Instead of just donating to Vedder without any complications (like @chaka does) you figure out some impossible way when Vedder needs to register in your shop and start asking people to buy your product. This will never happen! He has dignity! He will not promote the product that has diverged and is not open source.

After you address the above, you can talk about innovation.