I am trying to build a 4wd e board and need help

Hi just built a 4wd e board I have had a lot of people saying that it would not work and I have been scammed before I bought the board however I have got the pieces and have tried it out and it is an amazing board really happy with purchase

Here is how I did it

image 15057591450 15427231520

Bought the 4wd esc from diyeboard 2 motors from diyeboard Board from keeps I bought the casing from IKEA and coated it in waterproof tape

Everything about it is perfect except has very fast acceleration and very hard brakes If anyone know some how to sort that out please reply

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Is this an ad for diyeboard? :roll_eyes:


How come all your photos are watermarked diyeboard…


undid the flag, at least he has pics now


Here are some pictures and videos of th board myselfimage image image


How is this a 4wd if you bought only 2 motors? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

edit - oh

2nd edit - :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


2 sets of dual motors

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I’m not sure you can program those escs. Less brake and acceleration -> swap a set of hub motors for regular wheels…


Hey dude. Just a word of warning, Diye is a banned company on here because of very shady operations. Glad you got your gear without any problems but when anyone mentions them then backs are raised. Looks like fun though and you weren’t to know. As for the harsh acceleration and brakes well thats just something you will have to get used to because it is not programmable in any way bar the remote.


As far as i know you can’t really change the settings much on those esc.

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Doe say one know how to program them

Also can you use any remote with those esc or is there only 1 specific kind

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There’s nowhere to plug a different receiver in so you’re stuck with the one that comes with is my understanding.


Just gonna have to learn throttle control.


What battery do you have under that hood?

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Its a fully proprietary system that can’t be adjusted. The only way to change anything is to use different esc’s. Couple of unities in there or 4 vesc 4.12’s and then use whatever remote you want. Lots more investment though


Also I have bought from diyeboard multiple times before and never had any problem with them not sure why so many people are so scared of the company

Because they have scammed people, leaked credit card info, and sell low quality stuff. Also before he got banned he decided to swear at everyone, that was pretty funny though


I use a 5.8 ah 36v 18650 battery Which is from an old e board(pre built)

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Do a little search and have your eyes opened. Like I said glad you got your gear as did I way back when but they are not to be encouraged.

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