I dont know whats wrong with my motor :(((

Hey guys, Ive been itching to ride recently BC my area is completely drenched, so I went to make sure everything is all good with my board and I notice some weird cogging when im rolling to towards me…

I turn it on and as i was recording the sound it was making for you guys, it actually shot out a little fragment of… something? Im really dissapointed this motor have only lasted about 2 months(May 22nd) of little use. Ive only ridden about 80km (10km before BT module and almost 70 after) :frowning:

is it toast?

heres the video where you can actually see and hear it shoot out the sparks and everything else it does… :cry:

edit: just to be clear, Ive only ridden in mildly damp terrain ONCE(What I meant to say was that this wet riding thing happened while ago, and its performed perfectly since… so i doubt thats why its doing this all of a sudden :frowning: ) , and I took care to dry everything out and make sure its a happy camper… and before it ran like a dream!


Please dont use it anymore - If a fragment shoots out, it can really fuck something up in your surrounding.

Our Outrunners we use are most of the time well made, not much difference on each one and all pretty robust. But not each one is perfect and some just have a loose magnet inside - looks like you got one of the bad ones. Could also be that this is one of @longhairedboy ´s early FireworkFucknDopeMotor prototypes.

In each case, just contact him and he´ll sort you out i´m sure :wink:


thanks for the quick response!

Ive since unplugged it :slight_smile:

Bummer this has to happen now, ive been waiting for the rain to go away all week! :laughing:

time to wait for damon to open his pms


Send the damaged motor back and i’ll see what i can do. I don’t currently have any in stock but maybe we can work something out.

You didn’t drop it or throw it or let your rabid ocelot play with it or anything right?


Also, please include that mystery peice of whatever it is that you have in your hand that came out of the motor.

whetever happens, we’ll work it out. But i absolutely need that damaged motor and definitely whatever fragments you find of it.


It was the damn Ocelot. Everytime.


Well in that case, the warranty is void. I’m sorry, but i simply can’t cover Acts of Ocelots.


I hate Ocelots…


Ive never dropped, thrown or abused it outside of the “normal usage” range :slight_smile:

Ill get that shipped out to you asap, and ive bagged whatever other little pieces I can find

thanks for the response!

Looks like your motor lost a filling, you need to see the dentist or LHB


already disassembled and awaiting its journey though the mail :slight_smile:

i don’t recognize that chip of whatever, its possible its a chunk of sensor. I’ve fully disassembled several of these motors. They’re not exactly built shitty, so i’m expecting to find evidence of a manufacturing fail.

I have motors that are still running fine that look like they have been tied to the back of a car with a long piece of string and dragged behind it all the way to Seattle, and this is the first one i’ve ever seen fail in this way. Very intrigued.

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no clue :man_shrugging:

the most violent thing this motor has endured was the shock of my mount coming loose after I had finished breaking to a stop, and even then the motor barely kissed the ground… the mount took most of it

sounds like a defect.

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If you want to you can use my motor while @longhairedboy looks at your motor

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thanks Eric! That would be super kind of you :slight_smile:

Ill send you a PM

well after 10 minutes of extreme heat under the hairdryer… :laughing: 20180726_161219

looks like ill be searching for a new motor pulley as well

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Isn’t that suppose to be one of your exclusive feature… If not you might wanna think about implementing it, sound like it could be use to summon lord Skatan

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its kind of ironic that it happened this way, ive been having this reoccuring dream where I trade my wheels for the ones that spark when you do a slide or something like it… :man_shrugging:

no slides here though :frowning:

well… that easier than learning a new skill :crazy_face:

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