I Found Out How Evolve hit 70 km/h!

So I kept on pressing Evolve over and over and they finally caved in and gave me details. Basically, instead of changing the motors, Evolve adjusted their ESC to give massive power delivery and produce a ridiculous amount of low-end torque.

You can also see in the video above that the gear on the motor looks nothing like the stock one. From my calculations, the motor gear is either 28T or 30T. I’d like to hear your guys’ thoughts on this.

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Basically, they geared it for speed and not torque. That is almost a 1:1 gear ratio. ~30T motor pulley and 32T wheel pulley.

Roughly the same power as a regular Evolve board unless they actually put name brand cells in this one.

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They didn’t give me too many details about the battery other than “we changed battery settings”. So I’m pretty sure they discharged the battery at a higher rate than they were rated for and/or they just put some really high quality cells in there. Either way, I’m 100% sure there were more changes than just the gearing.

You are probably right. Their regular battery sagged with normal use so there is no way they could increase that without something going haywire :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet it was a pack of LiFePO4s :wink:

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That might be unlikely, their BMS communicates with their ESC. Due to LiFePO4 operating at a different voltage, the BMS wouldn’t be compatible - making the ESC not work properly.

They could be using Samsung 25R cells. They have a 20a continuous, but I believe they can do 100a burst. You only really draw max power for a short time during “take-off”, so I assume setting up a 10s4p pack of 25R’s could effectively produce 400a bursts - thus providing enough power for the short time you need it.

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I’m ready to upgrade the electronics of my Bamboo GT.

Keep the motors but upgrade electronics, has anyone done it?


Honestly, the the electronics are fine, the battery is what should be replaced with better cells.

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yeah that’s what I’m gonna do to a GT Bamboo of a friend of mine. Double the battery pack and custom carbon enclosure for the fancy finish.

Make sure you use the BMS that comes with the original battery! Otherwise the remote will be stuck in ECO mode.

why? there’s only a discharge cable + charge cable out of the battery.

There’s a BMS underneath the blue shrink wrap. The BMS communicates with the ESC and without that particular BMS, it will most likely give you a battery error and at best it will have you stuck in ECO mode.

How does it communicate? With what wire?

That’s what @unik is asking.

I’m not sure. The only information I’ve got from them in this regard is that if I plan on changing the battery, make sure to use the existing BMS or else the board will be stuck in ECO mode or throw a battery error.

What battery are you going to fit? 10S4P?

if you where to replace the stock battery for some LG 18650 I’m sure you’d get a 25% increase on speed and about 5 km more of autonomy. wich means you could replace the motors for 200kv+ and you wouldn’t get burn out eaven with the ESC evolve has.

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no. there are two other cables on a gt bms. you need to use it unless you plan to redesign all the electronics

It is an UART protocol, I managed to spy it, but didn’t decoded it yet, I am waiting for the oscilloscope, that’s the proper tool for this task:-D Anyway, shouldn’t be big of a deal, but I just refuse to do it with the crappy logic analyzer i have right now…

But anyways, if you want to upgrade your battery, I think you can use the old BMS, and just keep the 10S topology, and you should be safe, I think there should be SW protection for overcurrent, so I would not worry about that, but wouldn’t expect higher speed as well with these motors, but a larger range…

Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…

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How can I adjust the ESC on my board too? Do I need to change the gear ratio? I also have 220kv sensored brushless motors on the way if that matters Thanks

Did you make any progress of decoding the comunication between the BMS and the ESC?

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Ah, a long time back I have also managed to decoee it as I remember, but I haven’t paid too much attention because I am a little bit concerned for the safety of a homemade battery pack.

However, If you want, I can spend some time making some scope captures, and send you all the details you need. with serial decoding and stuff…

Just let me kn9w if needed, and I will upload the scope spy. All you need for reading the captures is picotech toftware for pc based oscillocopes.

regards, Victor

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