I have some questions left since I am on a 300$ budget and options are limited

Hey there!

I am going to try and summarize what I’ve found to fit my budget of 300$ and ask my questions after the parts list. Thank you in advance for spending the time reading this thread!

Parts list : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Dual hub motors / 600W * 2 / 90MM / Trucks and bearings incl. / 36V


  • 52$ ESC / 430W Max / 12A / Dual motor / 36V


  • 100$ Li-Ion Battery / 270Wh / 36V / 10S3P / 7500mAh / 15A cont. discharge (30A max) (15c(30c)) + Charger + Built-in BMS / Size : 200 * 110 * 40mm


Additional info: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • There are a lot of uneven/damaged roads and sidewalks where I live

  • I am not a skateboard user. I’ve ridden one, but that is about it.

  • I personally do not have a lot of options such as caliber trucks and other things. This is why i’ve chosen a build like this. It would be more expensive otherwise.

  • My budget is 300-350$ which is more or less the full average monthly salary in Bulgaria. Also, i am a student and i have some spare money for myself and this is why i don’t really want to go beyond that. Otherwise → Imagine spending a full monthly salary in the USA for a DIY board, you’d have atleast 2500$ lul.

Questions I have that made me write this thread : ------------------------------------------------------------

  1. I’ve seen batteries with upwards of 40 amps continuous discharge rate, is the battery I have listed good enough? It is of higher capacity and it seems to fit the build but who knows…

  2. Are the LiPo batteries from HobbyKing LIKE THIS better than the option i’ve given? My option has an integrated charging solution and is a monoblock so thats a plus.

  3. Is this ESC good enough for the build? It somehow says 430w max which is next to nothing and the motors i’ve chosen are a total of 1200W. This is a lot of missed potential in my eyes. Is THIS a better ESC? Its an older, more unstable version, but it supports up to 2600W. The bummer is that the one listed in the parts list above is supposedly smoother and more reliable + has a better controller. Which one is better? I haven’t seen anyone really talk about these newer ESC’s (from the parts list above).

  4. I read about the types of decks and i don’t really know the terminology yet, but for a beginner, what deck should I seek? I read that flex is good, but having in mind the damaged roads, im guessing less flex would be better. Also, is a long board better for a person like me or something in the middle like a kicktail better for me? Any cheap shops in Europe? In the USA, blank boards cost 25-30$, here the cheapest ones go for 75$

Conclusion : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • I will be updating this post hopefully with answers to my questions and i will try and include others if i have them. I will try and reply to everyone.

  • Thank you for your time spent reading this and checking if you can help a guy out!

This is a post i was recommended but the battery solution is less… convenient. The trucks i cant use, the belt motors are good but less reliable (maybe???). The caliber trucks + motor mounts are the biggest issuue for me here. Also, the battery comes to about 22v.

Building a board on a budget is really hard. Especially if you want something that’s going to last. I’m not saying it’s impossible or trying to discourage you just letting you know. One thing I will say is if you’ve got really rough roads Hub Motors are not the best option


WIth a budget that low just go for a meepo board

It’s not worth it trying to make that

Going over uneven roads on hubs is not nice

Battery amps is seriously low for that kind of board


Yep, get a meepo. They are actually decent on a budget.

Your parts list will work, sort of. But it’ll be terrible every ride. At least with Meepo you get some community and company backing.


Yes go for a meepo or similar Chinese brand

Reliable and if it gets messed up then you can get it sorted out

Save for a larger budget before starting to build a good nice board

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The meepo board doesn’t really satisfy me if i have to be honest. I still want to make it myself and get more performance for cheaper… Living where i do makes it quite a bit tougher, though.

I’m not really sure you’re going to be able to outbuild a board performance and reliability wise at that price range compared to a meepo

What you’ve linked in parts will not outshine a polished premade at the price.


The sad reality is that because prebuilt boards from Chinese companies source the components directly from China and make the boards in bulk, unless you buy everything on discount it is impossible to beat their value per buck. If you have rough roads I would suggest using large wheels, either pneumatics or TB 110mm wheels, but that’s 1/3rd your budget already.

Just because the average wage in your country is so low doesn’t mean you can’t be an exception and find oversees work / join an IT or other large, foreign business company. Smart people should always be earning above average :slight_smile:

Honestly. All of your advice above this was fine. Don’t be naive please.


I am still a student afterall. Plus i study at a non-conventional “university” and i have no experience. Finding a job in the IT industry /which i study/ would be next to impossible in my views.

I do Computer Science. Of course everyone’s skill differs, but I did a summer internship last year (after 1st year of uni) which then turned into a part time job for a few months and I learned far more than I have at uni so far. (So it’s worth it both for experience and the extra cash that can be put into this hobby)

I highly recommend getting an internship while you’re still at uni / living off your parents, because after uni you probably won’t be willing to accept low paying internships, but without experience that’s mostly all you’re going to get I’m afraid.

Just realized that one-wheels are a good option for commuting on bad roads, you could try and find a used one for cheap.

I might be selling a ninebot one c+ for fairly cheap :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

understandably its not an eboard, but its cheap, has decent range and can deal with alot of terrains

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If you like esk8 just wait till your budget is slightly higher and then build a decent build for $600 or so

It’s not worth going cheap. You just end up buying twice


$2500 is about what a quality board costs. A quality board that lasts and has four real longboard wheels.

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at a $300 budget, a pre-buit is a better option.

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@Nathraichean Why don’t you save up for a few months and keep a look out for good deals on used items on this site?

I promise you if you this route you will thank me later. Don’t waste $300 on a shit board

You’re almost better off just watching for used parts from other members if you’re dead set on diy.


Yeah, but thats like a year of working for something (with 100% of the income going to it, not factoring in rent/food/necessities/unexpected costs/medication etc.) … i probably even use that much.

Edit: i probably wouldnt even use it that much. The eskate.

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