I need an expert with Flipsky's Dual FSESC 4.20

I’m having the worst time programming this thing. I don’t understand why it’s twitchy, or why the remote has nearly no responsiveness - it’s either off OR 100% full blast and no in between. I’m so frustrated - I could have now easily paid for a boosted stealth and been just fine. :cry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

well with that little info you probably won’t get any help.

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I’ve set my settings according to this:

Apparently, these are the max settings this VESC can handle. My gear is:

10amp hour battery (50 cells, 10s5p) 2 180kv 2000w motors nano remote control and of course this flipsky vesc

My motors twitch, and the remote control doesn’t ease in or out. It’s either on 100% for more than I’ve held it for (i.e. I release the remote control and the motors keep on cranking) or they don’t respond at all. They also don’t respond evenly. Even though they’re identical motors purchased at the same time.

Have you tested the throttle while actually standing on the board? Post some screenshots of your settings


Please recall that for the Enertion Nano-X remote, you MUST calibrate it every time you turn it on.

When you power on the remote, you must push the wheel to full throttle, then full brake, and then let it return to center. This calibrates it and then you should have your normal throttle response.

Also please make sure to double check all ppm wire connections to ensure they have solid solder joints and such.


And to add to ShutterShock you need to do this before you switch the board on!

Remote on Throttle all the way forward Breaks fully rearward Turn board on


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Indeed. Must let it go back to center.

Tbh the nano X is garbage. I have two of them and they are crap


Buy yourself a 2.4 Mini remote. Much more reliable and trustworthy. Plus the Mini is getting more popular with case mods. So you could always re-case it to your liking. Just take the nano out of the equation.


Is this the Nano X? And given the incredibly limited packaging/instructions that come with it, without the help of you guys I never would have known about calibrating it. This one is suppose to have ride modes, which is why I picked it up. But it seems like it’s not worth that if it won’t even do it’s main job. When I’m programming the Vesc, do I also need to calibrate the remote prior to that? If so, it seems like it’s not reliable to keeping settings. Am I crazy?

I’ll add screen shots as soon as I can get back to my windows machine

Oh god… M Boards. No that’s not the nano that I am talking about. We’re talking about the Enertion Nano-X


When you get to the remote setting portion, turn remote on nd do the full throttle full brake thing. After that, config the remote through vesc tool. “Write to vesc”! Do not turn off controller! Disconnect vesc from tool. See if you get controlability. If you do, just remeber you need to calibrate the remote, full throttle full brake thing when you turn it on.

Fixed this again


‎ Good?


I’ll take it

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I’ve had nothing but great service @ MBoards, just wish their stuff came with more info. Is there any place aside from the forums where one can learn info? The VESC tool is great, but it still leaves so much left unanswered.

The difference in the motors speed on the bench is irrelivent. They will equal out after they are setup correctly.

You need to the Motor setup viabthebwizars on both sides of the VESC and the app setup on both sides if the VESC. Once that’s done the motors will run fine. Once your ppm detection is done you will have a usable remote.

This is not a plug and okay device, no VESC’s are. You gotta read to find the answers you are looking for. Use the search function, every question you have has likely been asked before.

Send your stuff back for a refund and go buy a boosted board if that’s what you want. There’s only a few thousand people here that have boosted boards sitting in the corner because they wanted speed and range.


Gee they have made things seem confusIng. Your hardware seems good although I expect you will still have some issues with the limitations on this Vesc. I always seem to have success programming the second Vesc first if that makes sense. You need to individually connect to both USB ports. Step 1 connect to Vesc 2 go though motor setup wizard using the motor detection go through app setup wizard configuring it as a slave with an address of 1 now disconnect Step 2 connect to Vesc 1 go through motor setup wizard go through app setup wizard configuring it as a master and making sure remote is set to high speed and reading its range here you need to go through the min max and centre by cycling the remote through its range. Now disconnect and check to see if your board is now performing as expected.

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Yeah I didn’t want a boosted board because I knew better speed and range was out there. I appreciate all the feedback and info, I’m still learning and I want to have a legit board, you guys have all contributed such great info! :grin: