I need more speed

Hi everyone,

I’ve just changed my pulley for a 38T and I’ve realized that the slight drop in speed (compared to 36T) is noticeable. I thought the 2mph difference wouldn’t be noticeable, but it is.

What can I do to bring the speed back up? I’m guessing larger wheels, smaller wheel pulley or larger motor pulley, right?

I’ve currently got Orangatang Kegel wheels. I think a wheel upgrade would be the best option. What do people suggest?

Larger Wheels would increase your top speed but wouldn’t you just lose the acceleration you gained from going to 38t?

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If I’m totally honest the only reason why I changed to a 38T pulley was because it was £15 from Evolve and it’s a push style fit. I hated the look of the board with the bolts going through the wheel.


The cheapest would be to change the motor or wheel pulley again, if you can 3d print it.

Or you can buy abec 11 107 F1 wheels if money isn’t a problem.

I’d say go for the wheels as it’ll be a more comfortable ride.

You probably already know that but keep in mind that the more top speed you’ll have, the less torque you’ll get.

I’m thinking larger wheels are better. If I can get away with it I’d rather not change the pulley I just fitted unless it was only a little bit extra.

Do you know what wheels are available that will fit the kegel style fitment?

Boa but they are pricey

  • and ship from US

Pricey but well regarded. Depending on where you are the price gap between them and 107s isn’t much?

I buy some Boas but I currently have like 3 pairs of abec 11s. They look really nice.

I did check out the Boas but, don’t laugh, the reason why I haven’t bought them is because they don’t suit the style of my board :laughing:

@Skunk - You have extras. Gimma a set. Thanks!

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They’re totally all spoken for. But abec clones can be picked up for Fairly cheap

Then buy a bigger motor pulley. what’s the width of your belt ? 15mm ?

If yes, i found these :


Seems like a good option! I would need to get some new belts but I think I’ll go with that for now.

@Jammm any other provider than AliExpress? Says it can take up to 14 days to arrive. Kind of want it by next week!

Belt length is the next thing. Is there a calculator to figure out what belt I should have?

20t motor, 38t wheel, I’m thinking 285mm as the current one is 265mm which is tight fitting. Probably too tight in all honesty.

Evolve does have a 32t pulley why not just buy that?

Not for the Kegel wheels. Their 32T pulley is for Abec wheels.

Are you located in the US ?

If you go with a 20t motor pulley, I think you’ll need a 275mm belt. You can calculate it here : https://www.bbman.com/belt-length-calculator/

I really like the Boa 100mm. Feel really good coming from both Kegals and Caguamas. Should fit the same pulley too.


@Jammm I’ve ordered a 20T pulley and also ordered some 285mm belts. Socalled the best distance is 280mm but my mount should stretch far enough to bring the right tension.

@thiswasandy Yeah they’re a direct fit and I would happily go with them if they were black, orange or gold. All about keeping the styling the same!

@BoostedBuilder I’ll check them out. Thanks!