I opened up my blink s2

Hey guys,

a few weeks ago I got my Blink S2 and have already put above a 100km on it so far. Last night i rode it on super wet streets and when i got to my destination, it didn‘t turn off anymore whilst beeping in a triple pattern haha. Since Actons warranty doesnt cover damage from moisture anyways- why not open it up and see whats under the hood, right?! Thought some others might be interested to see:

I have been just leaving it open since then, hoping that the electronics will dry. For example: When i try to turn off the lights, they just flickr hahah…

What made me really curious and what pushed me to make this post is: The battery pack has plus and minus leads coming out to the esc for discharge and on the other side as well, for the lights i believe, BUT there are NO balance leads?! How are they keeping this thing in balance? I made sure by lifting up the pack- no balance leads. Dafuq- can somebody explain please hahah?

I think the ESC is the same chinese one they use in Meepo as well?

Also, they use XT40s!! 40?!? hahaha

Tell me more about my board! :wink:

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Now’s your chance to pull all that shit out and DIY it


Hhaha dudes i already made my own DIYs and am in the process of making another one right now- bought the S2 before getting into this but acton took ages to ship. so it was all for the better :wink:

I am trying to get wiser on the S2 though- your input would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

hey @Namasaki sorry for pulling you in to this- but i am just so curious how there can be no balance leads :slight_smile: do you have a clue?

Might have balance circuitry in the pack, or they just yoloing it.

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Have you taken the shrink wrap off the battery? I’m guessing the bms must be wrapped up in there with the balance leads,and what you have in the picture with the hall sensor’s leading to it is the esc!

this would be my first guess. Maybe a very small bms used only for charging.


WTF ! That board supposed to be splash proof.

By now i can tell you that it’s definitely not! Whenever its just slightly moist on the road the board goes crazy, mainly the circuit board that controls the on/off switch. Instead of a hard dead switch they implemented some magic curcuitiry that goes mad every time it gets moist and then doesnt respond anymore! Also by now one of the hub motors seems to be broken, resulting in the board not turning on anymore. I havent had the time to check it out- i could probably temporarily unplug one hub and just drive it as a single, but anyways quality is not great … after 350 km i have a broken hub, an on off switch that only works sometimes, the front lights are permanently gone and one of the side lights are also off. Shame. Back to DIY.

Use a voltmeter to track where the power stops or shorts at. Google is your friend, also we are lol. Looks like step down converter is at the bottom and ESC is up top ( on the picture). I would undo shrink wrap then start following the volts to the short

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I also support this one. Thanks for the recommendation.

Did you manage to fix it? Mine just got water damaged. I was debating on dropping the 300 to fix it but then i saw your post and that esc looks like this one http://www.diyeboard.com/v11-dual-belt-motor-sine-wave-foc-esc-speed-controller-p-522.html . I might take a stab at fixing it myself

Same issue. I got it to turn back on by plugging it into power to recharge it. Went for a ride, it works like normal. Waiting to check to see if the problem repeats itself. Could be just a shitty power switch. If it happens again, I might swap it for a marine power switch for a boat. Every time you ride through water you need to grease the hubs and bearings so they don’t rust out and break at 15mph. Let me know if you found a solution I didn’t think of let me know.

Went to ride it to work and it was completely non responding. Took the battery off to check the power switch and noticed a button on the motherboard. Pushed it and held for 10 seconds and then hit the power button and it came to life like nothing ever happened. Must be a design flaw with the power button. That’s going to suck if I have to do that every time the side walk is wet. Either way looks like that’s the easiest fix with out modifying anything. Hope that helps someone…

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thats that crappy ebay diyboard esc.

You mean the ACTON Blink s2?

Hey guys.

The ESC from the blink S2 is on a metal plate that you can see on those pictures. My S2 was making annoying noises under lots of vibrations and I found out it was due to that metal plate moving around and the screws that hold it not being tight enough.

When I tried the tighten the tiny nut on of those bolts, half the bolt snapped off with the nut. I’m guessing the vibrations must have been eating that bolt.

I kinda fixed the issue slightly by putting pieces of cardboard around the metal plate, but there’s still some noise going on.

My question is, can I just put hot glue kinda everywhere around it without damaging the electronics or doing something wrong?

Any luck finding a receiver? I’d love to figure out how to add a different controller! Nano x?

Open my board ready to jump into the DIY pool. Any ideas what to do with the Battery? Options: Sell, Take apart, Trash it appropriately

my board died while riding on the wet streets after it rained. It went about a mile before suddenly stopping. I suspect the ESC is died but given I’m a noob. I have no idea which ESC to buy.

any pointers would help. thanks!