I want a pair of motor mounts and motors for evolve trucks

building a 10s3p or 10s4p 31 inch cruiser with evolve trucks got the rest of the parts. leave pictures, description, (final) price, and specs if I am interested I’ll pm you ask you for your email and Paypal you.

You can search for stuff like that:


Torqueboards has both of these. What country are you in?

I am going to have a wild guess and based on user name “.nyc” I am going to say Bidenland, so TB is your best bet. Or Mike beardo.

I saw that, but I don’t want to guess. Any “want to buy” post needs country at a minimum.

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Amen. [10 chars]

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Going to grab a set of these, I have Dickyho’s Stainless Steel Version of these. They look a bit ruff but 15 mins of buffing with metal polish, IPA and some clear coat blings them up. So much stronger than the evolve Aluminium mounts. These will have the added bonus of being lighter and adjustable angle.

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